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By Mulengera Reporters 

Renowned for his great political punditry, veteran journalist Tamale Mirundi has this Saturday morning taken to undressing Chief Justice Alfonse Owinyi Dollo advising him to develop a thick skin and get used to being criticized because being CJ doesn’t make him infallible (means being incapable of any imperfections and therefore beyond criticism).

Speaking on Pearl FM’s Omulongoti political program, Mirundi, who is a diehard Museveni supporter but for his strategic reasons likes coming off as a key Robert Kyagulanyi promoter, said the entire judiciary, and more so the Supreme Court, is currently on public trial largely because their head Dollo has a thin skin and is too sensitive to public scrutiny similar to what the NUP Supremo has been orchestrating at his widely publicized news conferences.

Renowned for his use of crude and sarcastic language, the man from Kalisizo said he wasn’t seeing anything wrong with a court user like Kyagulanyi voicing his aggrievement regarding the way court has treated him. Mirundi added that in a democracy like Uganda, people like Kyagulanyi have a right to criticize anyone regardless of whether they are right or not. It doesn’t matter whether what they are saying is logically defective; the constitution still protects their right to expression under Article 29, Mirundi implied.

Wondering why Dollo thinks he is more deserving than Gen Museveni who gets criticized every day of the week, month and year, Mirundi urged the belligerent judge from Agago to realize that Kyagulanyi is an outcome of the broader Musevenist revolution which ultimately will have to demystify all institutions of the state including the Judiciary as well. He commended Kyagulanyi for originating the NUP/PP wave which has effectively caused the judiciary and other mafia-infested institutions (his words) to become demystified like never before.

“I expect the chief justice to know that successful revolutions, similar to President Museveni’s, lead to all manner of outcomes including institutions getting demystified. Why does he think that wearing mere wigs, which are rooted in the ceremonial mourning and burial of Queen Mary of England in 1648, makes him and other judges very important? Are they more important than doctors or even professors at Makerere? In a democracy, everyone gets criticized and that is what we are seeing,” Mirundi, who almost moderates his own radio programs, asserted. “Why does Dollo believe he is more important than Doctors? I can avoid law but I can’t avoid a medical doctor. University dons are equally important and we are all prone to criticism once we come into the public space.”

Mirundi also asserted that Dollo had better become more restrained in his belligerence towards Kyagulanyi “because even his own Acholi co-ethnics can abandon him because the Speakership, which their other son Jacob Oulanyah is gunning for, is a more important office than being Chief Justice.” Mirundi claimed that antagonizing Kyagulanyi could infuriate the NUP Principal to the extent of directing his more than 60 MPs to act as a voting bloc in a manner that frustrates Dollo’s ethnic brother Oulanyah’s chances at becoming Uganda’s next Speaker of Parliament.

“Bobi Wine is now a key power broker within and outside Parliament and Dollo had better realize that because his MPs in Parliament can equally be used or deployed to effectively antagonize the judiciary and they can cause a lot of damage including making that CJ office too uncomfortable for Dollo,” argued Mirundi who also defended the URA boss Johnson Rujoki Musinguzi against claims that his institution acted ineptly enabling Kyagulanyi to sneak in his monster ride [the V8] whose importation into the country has dominated public debate for days. “That man [Rujoki] is suffering and will most likely suffer more demonization simply because he has refused to be captured by a group of mafia actors who are out to undermine the President from within the very government system under which they serve.”   (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at



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