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By Mulengera Reporters  

Tamale Mirundi has this Friday morning said Gen Kale Kayihura will need divine intervention to survive the ongoing storm sparked by the travel and economic sanctions the Americans have imposed on him.

While appearing on Ps Joseph Serwadda’s Impact radio, Mirundi said the Americans must have used the joint operations FBI conducted with the Kayihura-era police to collect a lot of intelligence about the general’s dirty operational secrets.

He says it’s advisable Kayihura had better keep quiet rather than trying to openly defend himself and end up inadvertently increasing his vulnerability. “He says they worked well with FBI in operations against terrorists and they even gave him an award. That shows one thing and that is the fact that they know him well having worked that closely,” Mirundi said urging KK not to be misled by lawyers.

“Those lawyers actually just want to use the case to get publicity and market themselves. The best he can do now is to hire an American lawyer otherwise these ones of ours are very limited and won’t lead him anywhere.” Mirundi added there is one or two things Museveni can do to diffuse things around Gen Kayihura.

“He can pre-empty the American pressure by appointing a commission of inquiry into torture acts in Uganda. That will demonstrate that the domestic remedies haven’t yet been exhausted and President Museveni cleverly did the same when the UN criticized Uganda for looting in Congo. He created the Porter inquiry and DRC resorted to going to the international court and were awarded $10bn against Uganda which we have never paid.”

He said sort of that, there is another even longer list targeting Museveni’s remaining loyalists in the Police Force who are equally going to be sanctioned. “And that one is going to be massive and very effective because whereas Gen Kayihura has been sanctioned when already out of office, the coming list comprises of people who are active in service and are holding sensitive operational positions in the police. The idea is to cow all of them and ensure nobody will dare defend Museveni when Besigye brings his rioters on the streets,” Mirundi told Gyagenda Semakula during his Friday 6-7am Impact fm program. (For comments, call/text us on 0200900416 or email us at 



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