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By Mulengera Reporters

During the Cabinet meeting at Entebbe State House, ICT &NG Minister Peter Ogwang implored the President to support his ministry’s efforts aimed at enforcing blocked access to social media services. The ban, imposed by government through UCC, remains in force but millions of Ugandans (including Ministers) have continued bypassing that ban by continuing to enjoy social media services. The ICT&NG Ministry recently came out and threatened to arrest and prosecute those caught using VPN.

In the cabinet meeting, Ogwang told the President taking such drastic measures against violators was going to be very complicated because even Ministers and other top government officials had continued violating the ban to access social media whereby they are using VPN to continue twitting and face-booking openly. That since the public was aware of this violation by the Ministers, it was going to be hard to clamp down or arrest anyone for using VPN without the government being accused of playing double standards.

Ogwang demanded that the President pronounces himself on the matter but before the man from Rwakitura could even say anything, many ministers put up their hands confessing their addiction to using social media services to communicate and keep in constant touch with their loved ones. A group of younger ministers, led by Evelyn Anite, caused laughter when they said social media is what enables them to keep their marriages lively and blossoming.

Wearing a bold face as ever, the youthful Minister from Koboko said: “Let Honorable Peter Ogwang leave us alone. Social media is something many of us can’t do without because in my case I’m managing my marriage online because my Kajik is away. Forcing us off VPN, as we wait for full reopening of social media, is going to make our marriage a very unhappy one because it’s the only way I can keep in constant touch with my man and yet ours is a young marriage.” She was cheered by many fellow Ministers for her honesty, something that made Gen Museveni realize the VPN issue was more complicated than his equally youthful Minister Peter Ogwang was making it seem.

Besides the Ministers, there are many other powerful VIPs who have continued to use social media to communicate implying that they too are leveraging on VPN. These include Rebecca Kadaga, ruling NRM SG Kasule Lumumba and others. Even when it’s a more expensive option, Ugandans don’t seem bothered using VPN provided they continue accessing the social media space. To many of them, the end (which is continued access) must justify the means.For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at




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