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By Mulengera Reporters  

Lands Minister Dr. Sam Mayanja has scorned religious leaders, especially those for traditional religions namely Catholics, Protestants & Muslims, saying they have no moral authority to condemn those they perceive to be engaged in corruption in contemporary Uganda.

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The controversial Minister says there is no reason why religious leaders, who claim to be opposed to those who act inappropriately, should continue keeping quiet when he is battling land grabbers and other categories of people mistreating millions of Bibanja holders across the country. He demands that they join him and the President and begin using the huge platform available to them to equally bash those who grab land and evict the poor who are always the majority in every worship center.

Former street preacher Mayanja, who has been everywhere sensitizing and helping evicted Bibanja owners to get reinstated back on their land, while saying this is the only way to grow President Museveni‘s political support ahead of 2021, says majority of the religious leaders are guilty for their conspiracy of silence without ever raising a finger against land grabbers and insensitive landlords who oppress Bibanja owners even when there are clear provisions in the Constitution which protect such people on land while prohibiting land grabbing.

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Mayanja says there is hypocrisy because religious groups were among those who unfairly benefited by getting themselves free land (in square miles) under the Buganda Agreement of 1900 which he considers to be one of the most unfair documents that ever got signed between the British and people in conquered territories anywhere in the world. He salutes those who were leading Busoga Kingdom that time because, he says, they saw far and told off the British and never signed onto any land sharing agreements.

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Mayanja says land grabbing, which some selfish tycoons have insisted on even after the President writing several directives objecting to the same, is worse than corruption which the clergy men and women pretend to abhor-because it affects more people and create more widespread misery than graft does.

The Minister from Mityana said the clergy fear to shoot themselves in the foot by condemning some of the unjust land tenure systems because their institutions too benefited from the unjust enrichment that came through the 1900 Agreement between Buganda Kingdom leaders and the British colonialists.

Mayanja says that the clergy’s silence is self-defeating because the uncertain life their flock (mostly comprising of Bibanja holders) continue to live, because of impending eviction and lack of security of tenure on land, negatively impacts on church members or believers’ ability to support God’s work through paying tithe or zakat.

Besides wondering how they can sustain their faiths and religious organizations when their flock members don’t have predictable sustenance, Dr. Mayanja used his weekly radio talk show (Mugoba Nsonga Special on 100.5 Bukedde fm on Sunday) to demand that the clerics stop their neutrality and join President YK Museveni‘s efforts aimed at genuinely empowering Bibanja holders while shielding them against possible eviction from land by selfish landlords closely working with land grabbers.

Referencing on the case of Luzira PortBell landing site where he last week ordered cancelation of two improperly-issued land titles earlier in the week, Dr. Mayanja also vowed not to relent in his fight against developers and tycoons who thrive by encroaching on wetlands and other protected aspects of public land. He said operating on wetlands can only be exceptionally permitted with NEMA approval and authorization as provided for under the laws governing Uganda.

Mayanja thanked Nakawa East MP Ronald Balimwezo Nsubuga and other Nakawa elected leaders for standing firm against the rich and politically powerful people who had become determined to grab the Port Bell wetland and even get the same titled in their favor. Gratefully, Dr. Mayanja says Gen Museveni, indisputably the most powerful man in Uganda, has consistently been very clear about why no one will ever be permitted to encroach on the country’s wetlands.

Mayanja also says that, regardless of who attempts to threaten him, he will go down fighting as opposed to being cowed and giving in to the illegal dealings of the land grabbers and the so-called rich or tycoons who have been helping themselves on public land to claim compensation off public infrastructure projects and subsequently proceed to brag while presenting themselves as super rich. (For comments on this story, get back to us on 0705579994 [whatsapp line], 0779411734 & 0200900416 or email us at




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