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By Joel Mugabi

Security Minister Maj. Gen Jim Muhwezi has clarified on the controversy surrounding the award of the digital monitors contract to Russian firm Global Security Joint Stock Company.

Last Friday, officials from the Ministry of Security, Works and Transport and the President’s Office signed contracts with Global Security to kick start the process of supply and installation of digital tracking devices in all vehicles in the country.

President Yoweri Museveni has insisted that digital monitors be planted into all cars and motorcycles as a way of tracking down criminals engaged in acts such as assassinations.

But at the weekend, it emerged that the Russian firm awarded the digital monitors contract was bankrupt, prompting Minister Maj Gen Muhwezi to come out and clarify on the matter, and assure Ugandans that there would not be any financial loss for the tax payers.

The Security Minister says the ministry and the President’s Office are “aware of allegations regarding the financial solvency of the contractor in the recently signed Global Security Contract.”

He also made it clear that most of the negotiations for the deal had happened before he was appointed minister. “This project has long been in the pipeline and it’s details agreed upon prior to my appointment as Minister of Security last month,” he said.

“Nevertheless I want to reassure the public that the terms of the contract provide the Government with clear rights and protections should the alleged circumstances materialise.”

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