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By Mulengera Reporters 

In the afternoon of Friday, Belinda Birungi, one of Lands Minister Sam Mayanja’s youngest daughters, got the confirmation that her application to join the University of Massechusetts, to which she had applied, had been accepted. The 23-year old who grew up in Ntinda Minister’s village, was so excited and rung a few friends to share the good news. The friends, made during high school at Seeta High and University at UCU, insisted they converge at Muyenga, the home for one of them, and do some celebratory partying.

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It was worth it because Belinda, who graduated three months ago from UCU with a degree in computer graphics, had also just landed a job with NC Bank and was to begin work this coming Wednesday having picked her appointment letter days earlier.

After sharing fan with friends at the Muyenga gathering, a time-conscious Belinda asserted it was time to go home and share the same joy of joining University of Massecgusetts with her parents back home in Ntinda Minister’s Village. “I have actually not yet showed them this letter for my Master’s admission. Let me go home and break the good news to them also,” she was quoted as telling friends while trying to justify her decision to leave that early.

She sent for a SafeBoda, using her phone. It was a few minutes past 6pm. She started what was to be her final journey back home. Setting off minutes after 6pm shows she had managed time well to avoid travelling late. They travelled with her SafeBoda rider and safely so up to Stretcher Road Ntinda where she met her death-getting involved in a fatal trailer accident which ended her life hours later.

Having lost control, the huge trailer rammed into a number of vehicles and in the process causing loss of life of not just Belinda but other travelers who were in vehicles into which it rammed. And by the way, this isn’t very far from Police Headquarters in Naguru.

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Belinda’s Safe Boda rider died instantly as herself was aided by rescuers to nearby China-Uganda Frienship Hospital in Naguru. They considered her condition not to be life-threatening. “She lost some teeth and had a few bruises on her body but wasn’t wounded on the outside. Neither did she develop any fracture on any of her bones. She must have died of internal bleeding because much of her body was intact,” narrates Minister Mayanja admitting he is yet to learn more about the exact circumstances of his daughter’s death.

While at the Naguru hospital, where she was delivered before 8pm, Belinda told people around her to open her bag and get the phone number of her mum who they rang and informed about what had happened. Because their Ntinda home isn’t that far, the mum rushed there and found her daughter fighting on.

She left her resting, as doctors did their best, and rushed back home to pick some warm clothing and some of the things that would be required in the hospital through the night. “When she went back to rejoin the team in the hospital, the mother was told Belinda has breathed her last. It must have been due to internal bleeding and that’s all we know as of now. It’s now clear to us that is how God destined Belinda’s end to be and we are hurting but there is nothing we can do about it,” an evidently broken Mayanja said in a Saturday late afternoon interaction with Mulengera News.

Belinda went to Sudhir’s Kampala Parents in Naguru whereafter she joined Dr. JC Muyingo’s Seeta High for both O&A’levels before joining UCU Mukono where she did a degree in Computer Graphics. She is one of the youngest children of Mayanja who says he is the one who insisted that she must first do some work with NC Bank and get some experience working in Uganda as opposed to immediately enrolling for Masters in the United States.

She will be buried on Monday in Bukumula village in Mityana district. This will be preceded by a vigil and church service that will be held at her parents’ Ntinda home on Sunday. There will be another vigil and prayer session at her grand parents’ home in Komamboga this Saturday evening and Sunday.

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To reach Mayanja’s Bukumula farm, where Belinda will be buried, one takes Hoima Road and goes up to the Busunju Township and beyond. You proceed and cross River Mayanja while driving on towards the direction of Namutamba in Mityana district. You then reach the huge sign post (still on Hoima Road) publicizing Kiyokya Primary School, branch off and drive up to Kiyokya Township. Once there, you ask for Minister Sam Mayanja’s Bukumula farm. That way you will have reached 23-year-old Belinda Birungi’s final resting place and participate in her final send off. See related story: comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994 [whatsapp line], 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us




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