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By Mulengera Reporters

Kasanda South MP Simeo Nsubuga has lately been rare in the constituency, something that has detrimentally given leverage to his 2021 archrival Eng Micheal Muhumuza (aka Sula Mpya). The last time some of the lucky voters glimpsed on their controversial MP was recently when he was at Kiyinda-Mityana Catholic Cathedral where he lobbied and got Bishop Anthony Zziwa pray for him to get some strength ahead of the fast-approaching 2021.

Simeo has lately been incognito especially after the Lands Ministry surveyor’s team released a report whose findings didn’t favor MP Sam Bitangaro’s claim on the land for which the MP was backing him against tycoon Abid Alam and some other owners like those uniting under Kiboga Twegatte.

The 2021 political mobilization message for Eng Miccheal Muhumuza (aka Sula Mpya) the fellow NRM diehard giving the incumbent Simeo Nsubuga sleepless nights

The outspoken MP a few days ago was expected to have a public meeting to update people of Kabulengwa in Kyabayima parish about the way forward in the light of the anti-Sam Bitangaro findings the land Ministry surveyors recently made. But claiming it was betrayal for the MP to be negative towards their collective land title that was ceded to them by Cotton Development Authority since 1940s, some residents sharpened pangas threatening to harm Simeo who got wind of all this and stayed away.

There is also another group Kiboga Twegatte who are equally aggrieved against MP Simeo and are politically baying for his blood further narrowing his operational space in the Constituency. They claim to have paid Shs1.6bn for the Bibanja on which their families have lived for decades since 1960s. The residents are angry Simeo hasn’t helped them enough as Bibanja holders as regards their claim against Bitangaro. This wide spread anger partly explains why the heavily-guarded MP has lately not been very visible in the Constituency.

There are also reports that efforts by him and some supporters to participate in the Kabamba pass out the presided over in Kasambya Mubende district last week were thwarted when security turned them away on grounds they hadn’t been invited. The Mubende-Kasanda area leading radio stations too have done a lot instigating public anger and agitation against Simeo by giving platform to aggrieved residents who like bashing him including Teopista Nansamba who faces eviction threats from her Luswa village land in Myanzi Sub County where Simeo hasn’t done much to shield her against deprivation.

The elderly woman first became a Kibanja holder here in March 1981 when they first paid up with her late husband Kayinda. Her very damaging audios are doing the rounds on area radios and social media/whatsapp platforms in the Constituency.

Even when they often try to get his side of the story, leading radio stations (like Kayihura Nkuba’s Tropical fm and Pastor Kisakye’s Heart fm) have thrived on reporting negative content on Simeo and thereby increasing his leading rival Eng Micheal Muhumuza Sula Mpya’s appeal to the community. Their news broadcasts contradicting Simeo have given fodder for the preparers of audios messages that opponents rapidly circulate around on the constituency whatsapp forums to further portray Simeo as contradictory and thereby deflate him.

Simeo Nsubuga humbles himself before Kiyinda Mityana Catholic Bishop Anthony Zziwa

Apparently, the MP these days seems more comfortable seeking spiritual nourishment at Catholic Church prayer places like Kiyinda Mityana than in the Kasanda villages where angry voters keep showing disdain towards him. The Court cases too have continued taking toll on him (financially and emotionally) prompting some concerned supporters to advise that he finds a way of reaching out to his court adversaries and settle everything out of court as opposed to waiting to be slapped with huge court bill in damages in case those suing him win those civil suits resulting into payment of colossal sums of money in damages.

It’s a known fact that in many places school functions (like open day or even speech days) are rampant these days, this being the season for many schools to close for the end of year. But quite detrimentally, MP Simeo hasn’t been very comfortable lately attending many of them. Ironically these includes schools where he had been invited as guest of honor to inspire/address pupils on top of interacting with their parents. Last week alone, he was expected to be guest of honor at speech days for at least three schools in Manyogaseka Sub County alone including Bright Angels in Ndeeba, K Frames Kyabayima and Ndeeba P/S where he was nowhere to be seen. Neither was there any communication from his camp officially accounting for his inability to attend. His unexpected absence gave his opponent Sula Mpya an opportunity to become conspicuous while enjoying the title of shadow guest of honor. (For comments, call/text us on 0200900416 or email us at    





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