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By Mulengera Reporters 

Dr. Dalton Segawa says that, contrary to earlier media reports, his Entebbe-based Merryland High School is not on sale. In a Thursday mid-morning interview with Mulengera News, Dr. Segawa clarified that he has not instructed anyone (be they brokers, any real estate agents or bank) to look for buyers on his behalf.

Our earlier story, based on officials who came to our offices claiming to be agents contracted to find buyers, had indicated that because he is busy and trying to concentrate on the main Merryland High School campus at Kigunga, Dr. Segawa was desperately looking for buyers to give him $8m and in return become new owners for the Katabi campus which is 2kms (on your left) off Entebbe Road. “We have a very strong relationship with serious will all our stakeholders like parents and institutions like the World Bank and there is no way we can have any desperacy to do such a thing,” Dr. Segawa clarified.

His lawyer Richard Rubaale asserted that even Dr. Segawa’s son (whose death the story implied had left him very devastated and with no option but to sell off the Katabi campus because he is the one who used to supervise it on his behalf) was never involved in the running of his dad’s school business. “Even the pictures carried in the story don’t represent the current picture at the Katabi campus. Those are very old pictures,” said Mr. Rubaale.

Another school official suspected there could be a ploy by some rogue-minded individuals to use unwarranted media publicity thinking such can create some strange appetite in Dr. Segawa to consider selling off his 22 acres on which the Katabi campus sits. We regret the inconvenience that our story, which had already gone viral attracting plenty of traffic, created for Dr. Dalton Segawa and other stakeholders involved in the running of his schools’ business.

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