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By Mulengera Reporter

Police say they have arrested a member of a criminal gang accused of hurling harmful objects at government vehicles.

Recently, police released images of men using bodabodas to launch attacks on people driving in government cars, and urged members of the public to report the suspects in the pictures in case they are able to identify them. Police claimed the suspects had been using petrol bombs and metallic objects in their attacks launched from commercial motorcycles that are currently barred from carrying passengers.

Available recordings indicated that suspects riding on motorcycle registration number UEU 391F had attacked a government vehicle registration number UG 0450T on June 23, 2020. In another incident, the suspects had shattered the windscreen of motor vehicle registration number UG 0182H after asking the driver to stop for them to cross. The third incident happened at the Busega-Mityana Roundabout where the suspects threw a bottle containing a flammable liquid into a government vehicle registration number UG 0199K, a Toyota Fortune, on June 26, 2020. More harm could have been done had the public not put out the fire after the explosive burst into flames.

Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson Patrick Onyango said incidents of attacks had been reported in Busega, Katwe and Natete, and five people identified through footage captured by street cameras and examined by members of a joint security team.

“We suspect that the criminals’ intention is to force government to stop health guidelines against carrying of passengers by bodaboda motorcyclists, that government put in place to contain the spread of Coronavirus,” Onyango said.

Days after police shared photos of the suspects, Onyango confirmed the arrest of one of them.  Declining to disclose the suspect’s identity, Onyango said police had nabbed him in Nansana Municipality, Wakiso district on Sunday after tracking him using cameras. Believed to be a bodaboda rider around Ham Towers, he was detained at Katwe Police Station.

“He admitted that he is the one in the picture we released over the weekend to the media. We are still looking for other suspected criminals who have been involved in these criminal acts,” added Onyango.

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