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By Mulengera Reporters

Before leaving for Moroto to commence his Karamoja region campaigns, President Museveni held a brief CEC session at Gulu State Lodge where some of the new members got inaugurated. One of the things that were up for discussion was a proposal by NRM SG Kasule Lumumba to carry out job evaluations and staff restructuring in the party. The powerful SG’s proposal was that such staff rationalization would inform the party on the employees who the organization can do without so that it maintains fewer staffers who can be remunerated better leading to greater efficiencies.

Inside sources say Lumumba also selfishly hoped to use the same restructuring proposal, in case CEC had given their blanket approval, to overcome her key adversary Prof Odoi Tanga whose Electoral Commission would be up for disbandment since their mandate is majorly exercisable seasonally during electioneering period (implying Commissioners and support staff don’t have to be permanent). Fortunately for the belligerent man from Kisoko, Gen Museveni flatly rejected the restructuring proposals saying such would make the ruling party look inconsiderate laying anyone off work at this economically very difficult juncture. He added the same would be used by the regime opponents to amplify claims that the country’s economy has collapsed in the hands of the ruling party to the extent some employees have had to be laid off over inability to pay their salaries.

The ruling party maintains such a large bureaucracy of employees comprising of roughly more than 100 employees at the Secretariat in Kyaddondo, an even larger number under Tanga’s EC and even another category called Administrative Secretary based in each of the 141 districts. These each earn a salary per month and facilitation for their work. It’s a huge bill for the party which Lumumba must have wished to deescalate because the party sometimes fails to pay them on time and in the process accumulate very embarrassing salary arrears. Gen Museveni’s wish is that everyone should be left to keep their jobs as there is no way a mass ruling party like NRM can fail to remunerate them. This blanket refusal by Gen Museveni must naturally have caused EC Chairman Odoi Tanga to shed some tears of job because his supporters saw the proposal as something the SG wanted to use to overcome their man and other employees she considers disloyal to her.

In a related development, Mulengera News has reliably learnt that the impending return of John Patrick Amama Mbabazi (ex-PM and SG emeritus) to both NRM and government has made many Musevenists restless. “The President recently announced in a meeting with party leaders in the north that Amama Mbabazi was on his way back to serve his country under the NRM and being such a very senior fellow, that news has made many big men and women in government very restless fearing to be displaced and rendered less relevant. There are fears that JPAM being redeployed back to Kyaddondo as SG is a possibility and this is something key Lumumba supporters are sleepless about,” says a knowledgeable source.

The other school of thought has it that the man from Kanungu, who bitterly fell out with Gen Museveni in 2015 before running against him in 2016,could be re-appointed Prime Minister in which case Ruhakana Rugunda replaces VP Edward Sekandi. It’s also probable, JPAM might become the next VP after 2021 elections in case Gen Museveni cruises through and be one with more powers than current Sekandi whose laid back approach has exposed him to becoming a subject of ridicule by social media users within Uganda and abroad. The idea, sources say, is for Mbabazi to help Gen Museveni organize a smooth transition to eventually ease out of the Presidency so that Uganda descends into a Tanzania-like situation whereby NRM (just like CCM) remains the ruling party but keeps changing Presidents every after 10 years.  (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at





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