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By Mulengera Reporters

Bobi Wine’s brother Fred Nyanzi, who also heads informal sector in People Power Movement, has accused Ronald Mayinja of being a 5th columnist who has always clandestinely served the interests of the ruling NRM. In an interview with State-owned Bukedde newspaper, Nyanzi is quoted as saying the peace crusade Mayinja claims to now be spearheading clearly serves the interests of the NRM which has always justified its continued stay in power by claiming it ushered peace and political stability into the country.

Nyanzi says as if that isn’t intriguing enough, Mayinja sometime in the year 2018 travelled to Kiboga and performed at a function where NRM celebrated the scrapping of age limit in the Constitution. That then Mayinja shocked them more when he curiously went to Serena hotel and performed during Catherine Kusasira’s concert well knowing Museveni would be the biggest beneficiary. Indeed, Museveni was at the function but Nyanzi doesn’t seem to be enthused by the fact that Mayinja used the Kusasira platform to defiantly discomfort Museveni by performing his “Ebintu Bizeemu” song whose lyrics a clearly disenchanted Museveni protested calling it mere distortion of history.

As if to corroborate Nyanzi’s resentment towards Mayinja, State House sources claim Balaam Barugahara got involved into mediating Mayinja and the HE after the Serena bust-up and that Museveni, on studying the song more and verifying some of the things therein, felt remorseful and told some people that Mayinja’s truthfulness had persuaded him to conclude he was someone he can do business with in his efforts to continue pacifying state institutions of some of the Kawukumi Mayinja sings about in Bizeemu. 

Nyanzi says they are reluctant to dismiss claims by music promoter Bajjo that Mayinja has previously had audience with President Museveni and other officials from the NRM and discussed strategies on how to further deflate People Power that is increasingly getting into disarray. He wonders why Mayinja didn’t consult them as colleagues before launching his “Peace for All” pressure group if he indeed wasn’t working for the enemy (NRM) for which Nyanzi (ironically) also worked until a few years ago having defected from DP.

Corroborating Nyanzi’s apprehension, equally perturbed Joel Senyonyi wonders why Mayinja chose unveiling his pressure group on the very day the rest of PP adherents were in Lira swallowing teargas and getting clobbered after Police violently blocked their consultative meeting at Pacific Hotel. Nyanzi and Senyonyi say Mayinja was actually expected in Lira that same day but he didn’t show up. Neither did he communicate rationalizing his absence. The duo says Mayinja will have to undergo some political cleansing rituals on top of being subjected to some disciplinary proceedings. They say the Bunkenke singer must explain himself and subsequently issue a public apology for betraying the PP fraternity.

Mayinja defensively says there was no need to secure the concurrence of PP bosses because the pressure group he was launching has nothing to do Bobi’s politics. He says unlike PP which is political and excludes some people, his pressure group is for all Ugandans including those professing Museveni’s NRM. Mayinja vehemently denies ever secretly meeting Museveni or any NRM bosses adding that his peace awareness countrywide tours are to be funded on contributions from Ugandan well-wishers. Nyanzi rejects all this claiming there is no way Mayinja can be broke anymore given the way he these days is curiously very close to money girl Catherine Kusasira who is also an influential power broker for Museveni. 


Mayinja had been named member of the musicians’ coordination committee for PP July last year when Mr. Wine launched his PP coordination committees. Others on that committee included Swengere, Flavia Namulindwa and Nubian Lee who chairs the same. Nubian now remains the only active committee member still unambiguously committed to PP.  There was a slight contradiction when Namulindwa declared interest for the Gomba MP Seat which Mayinja was also eyeing and they both insisted on carrying the PP flag.

However, it now appears Mr. Wine (who hails from this same Gomba place) risks extreme isolation in his own home turf because both Mayinja and Namulindwa are increasingly becoming lukewarm and turning their back on him. Money-minded Namulindwa, who actually didn’t stand much chance from the beginning, has since decamped and no longer wants to hear the word PP. She is no longer interested in those things of running for the Gomba MP Seat having been repeatedly rejected by voters who said they aren’t prepared to endure the humiliation Kato Lubwama caused for voters in Rubaga South.

Namulindwa currently lives quietly somewhere in the US where sources close to her say she has consistently denied ever being a PP activist. And during his recent visit to the US, Mr. Wine had shock of his life when hitherto bubbly and very extroverted Namulindwa became elusive and declined having audience with him.


Truth is Gomba is one electoral area where President Museveni will do all he can to ensure Mr. Wine’s political seed doesn’t germinate because in the same neighborhood is his Kisozi Farm and because he personally supports many people there, it will be next to impossible for Mr. Wine to be permitted to make any inroads there. Yet to galvanize support elsewhere in the country, Mr. Wine will badly require the home momentum or else the Musevenists will be out telling the rest of the country they have no business electing a man considered unelectable by people in his native village. In contrast, it has taken Kizza Besigye more than 15 years of consistent hard work to annihilate the NRM out of his Rukungiri birth place. Will Mr. Wine be that patient, enduring political humiliation at home before finally cracking into submission? Only time will tell. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994 or email us at 




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