Finance Minister Matia Kasaijja is clearly one politician who never underestimates potential political risks. Those who know him say he will respond even to the remotest of threats. And that is what he exactly did recently neutralizing the threat his long term protégé Emily Kugonza posed as far as his Buyanja County MP Seat was concerned. For an eternity, Kugonza has always been Kasaijja’s campaign manager and he was recently urged by fellow supporters that time has come for Kasaijja to be forced out.

This information got to Kasaijja who acted swiftly to placate himself against potential political humiliation. Using his clout as Finance Minister, Kasaijja ensured the constituency got split into Buyanja East and West. Whereas Kasaijja will remain with Buyanja West, Kugonza’s residence falls in Buyanja East where he is already a darling who many voters are unanimous in saying is only waiting to be sworn in May 2021.

“There is no way Matia Kasaijja was going to survive being sent to the political Taiwan if Kugonza faced him. Kugonza has many credentials explaining why Kasaijja would become history including being on the ground always. He is a strong cadre and a natural community worker,” sources said of Emily Kugonza currently doing his 2nd term as Board chairman Uganda Investment Authority where his appointing authority is Evelyn Anite who is directly supervised by Matia Kasaijja.



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