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By Mulengera Reporters 

Having secured permission to argue and submit on his case (against mandatory fitting of tracking gadgets in vehicles, MPs’ Shs200m etc etc) as a matter of urgency, the flamboyant city lawyer Male Mabirizi is ready and will be at hand to make his case on Friday 30th July at exactly 10am.

In his omnibus matter, the indefatigable Mabirizi is challenging a number of things including ring-fencing of all government construction business for UPDF’s construction brigade, mandatory tracking of vehicles, MPs getting Shs200m each for vehicles, Lucy Nakyobe’s appointment as Secretary to Cabinet and Deborah Katuramu’s retention as her Deputy.

He is also disputing the circumstances surrounding the controversial appointment of 8 new PSs without adequate involvement of Public Service Commission, posting of ex-Ministers as Sr. Presidential Advisors,  Adonia Ayebare’s appointment as Special Envoy of the President for diplomatic work and the circumstances under which 7 PSs were retired in public interest without the due process of the law being adequately followed. He is also challenging the retention of Pius Bigirimana to serve as Secretary to Judiciary, a position he asserts was invalidated and abolished by the Constitutional Court of Uganda.

Mabirizi, the urgent hearing of whose case was permitted on grounds it borders on public interest and has already duly served all the parties concerned, will be using the Friday court session to implore court to declare all the above null and void on grounds that the President and other members of the executive didn’t fall nor comply with the law applicable in any way.

The bad news for those involved or concerned with the impugned decisions though is that the AG, who is supposed to counter Mabirizi’s litigation, says he won’t be able to turn up on Friday to defend his clients including the Parliamentary Commission whose decision to allocate Shs200m for each MP’s car is among those the applicant is contesting as unlawful.

In a letter dated Tuesday 27th July, M Mwambutsya, writing on behalf of the Solicitor General, informs court they are unprepared to defend the GoU because Mabirizi’s “omnibus” case tackles many transactions relating to a wide range of government institutions (basically the AG’s clients) who they need more time than is readily available to them to consult and obtain instructions from.


That, apart from having to obtain instructions, there is plenty of information the AG must be furnished with from the Ministry of Security, Office of the President, State House, Ministry of Defense, Chief Registrar of Courts, Secretary to Cabinet and Public Service Commission. The letter proceeds to notify court that the GoU side will instead use that Friday session to apply for extension of time to enable them more days to prepare the appropriate affidavits to reply to Mabirizi’s which is already on court record. This can only increase anxiety among those concerned with the high level GoU decisions which Mabirizi is contesting. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at 





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