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By Mulengera Reporter

President Yoweri Museveni has revealed that some of the results from samples tested by the Makerere University Hospital were false.

Over a month ago, Ministry of Health (MoH) approved the University Hospital’s lab to start conducting Covid19 tests to relieve the Uganda Virus Research Institute (UVRI) part of its huge workload.

After approval of the lab, Vice Chancellor Prof Barnabas Nawangwe said the authorisation was “a great millstone for Makerere University” that would “give a chance to our researchers to get the tests themselves from the patients and research on how the virus affects different parts of the body.”

The university team was also involved in the community transmission survey. The tests they carried out on samples in Masindi detected a positive case unrelated to the then existing cases. But President Museveni’s revelation that the Makerere lab released wrong results has raised questions on the university’s capacity, and onthe validity of the results.

“Some of the 679 confirmed cases were classified as positive when they are not by a laboratory in Makerere because they were careless. Apparently there were a few people working there and probably got tired,” Museveni said in his speech that followed the budget reading by Finance Minister Matia Kasaija. (See: VERBATIM: MINISTER MATIA KASAIJA’S FULL BUDGET SPEECH).


Museveni told Ugandans that MoH would offer more details on the matters. See related story Previously, Kenya queried the validity of Uganda’s Covid tests after one of her truck drivers tested positive in Uganda but negative in Kenya. But UVRI Executive Director Prof Pontiano Kaleebu explained that “Positivity comes when viraemia, which is the presence of viruses in the blood goes up and that usually comes two or three days after infection. However, after 14 days the virus goes down, which however doesn’t mean that someone is negative until antibody tests prove so.”

Meanwhile, the president reiterated his warning that Ugandans should not wait for Covid19-related deaths to start taking the deadly respiratory disease seriously. (See: IF YOU WANT COVID19 DEATHS, YOU’LL GET THEM, MUSEVENI WARNS CARELESS UGANDANS).

“Health is better than wealth. I was beginning to get very worried because the other day I saw people in Kampala in big groups. If you want to see dead bodies like you have seen in other countries, you will see them. We shall not beg people not to die, you’re mature people,” the President said.

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