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Flora Kiconco has declined initiatives by some NRM MPs to reconcile her with Simeo in return for her to withdraw civil cases against him

By Mulengera Reporters

A group of MPs, with deep connections in State House, have been trying to mediate between Kasanda South MP Simeo Nsubuga and his archrival Florence Kiconco who is the Director Legal Affairs in State House. Led by a female MP from Gomba, the MPs have been proceeding on the premise that since both Simeo and Kiconco are strong supporters of President Museveni, public fights between them can weaken the cause for the ruling NRM trying to get reelected in 2021.

The other concern is that People Power coordinators in greater Mubende like Kasanda North MP Patrick Nsamba, Francis Zzake (Mityana Municipality) and Lukyamuzi Kalwanga (Busuju) are riding on such contradictions to demonize the NRM among the voters in the area. Sources say that, fearing the consequences of losing many civil suits that continue to be filed against him, Simeo too has acquiesced to this approach of reconciling with Kiconco. But on being told of the proposal, Kiconco hit the roof saying Simeo is simply unforgivable because he defamed her knowingly and ignored all the warnings she issued to him as he went about branding her a land grabber.

Unless he reconciles with his foes getting them drop civil proceedings against him, MP Simeo Nsubuga might soon find it hard to afford a smile


It all began years back when President Museveni visited and addressed public meetings in Mubende where residents brought to his attention the land wrangling between themselves and tycoon Abid Alam. They claimed that he had targeted mostly Bukoba village where he had taken people’s land without adequate compensation where he compensated them at all. These were voters believed to have been instigated by Simeo himself as their newly elected MP who was desperate to demonize his predecessor Nyombi Thembo whom he accused of being in bed with Abid Alam.

In total disbelief, Museveni said it was illegal and immoral for Bibanja holders to be displaced without adequate compensation as prescribed by law. He directed his lawyer Florence Kiconco to lead a team to investigate the claims against Alam. In her report, Kiconco made findings which Simeo didn’t like. She established that many had been compensated but not adequately and recommended top up compensation payments which Museveni pushed Abid Alam to comply with.

The dispute involved hundreds of acres which Abid Alam desired to have to support his commercial farming activities under Wamala farm. In what made many perceive her report as fair enough, Kiconco also established 8 families or households hadn’t been compensated at all and faulted Abid Alam for trying to deprive them without compensation. On a subsequent interaction on the same matter, Museveni asked the 8 families to choose between compensation and staying on their Bibanja. They chose staying and that was it. Simeo, who previously had been on a crusade to encourage local residents to seize and occupy large swathes of land owned by those he considered land grabbers, felt Kiconco hadn’t been hard enough on Abid Alam in her report.

He resorted to bashing her on radio talk shows, news interviews and during community meetings. In a widely-circulated audio Simeo one time told a public meeting NRM had become hard brand to sale to electors in Kasanda and other places because the likes of Kiconco had resorted to using their proximity to the President for self-aggrandizement. He claimed Kiconco’s actions and omissions amounted to betraying him for all the sacrifices he has made for the NRM including enduring being publicly thumped and humiliated by Ntege Kyuma kya Yesu, the Nkoba Zambogo military who assaulted him infront of the Kabaka at a public function.

It’s against that background that Kiconco opted to sue Simeo in civil courts claiming she had incurred reputational damage as a result of his outbursts which she said were unfounded. “He said I had grabbed land and I was now a land lord in that area but how come the recent verification exercise by independent surveyors never established any of my titles? He will have the opportunity to prove his claims in court because there isn’t a better forum for him to do so,” she recently told NRM MPs who approached her pleading that she reconciles with Simeo and halts civil proceedings against him.

Yet Kiconco isn’t the only one maintaining civil proceedings in the Mubende High Court against Simeo Nsubuga. Others include Abid Alam, Manyogaseka LC3 Chairperson Jotham Tandeka, Dr. William Semiyingo (whose wife was staunch Simeo supporter) and NRM Chairman for Kiganda Sub County Hussein Kavuma. (For comments on this story, call/text us on 0200900416 or email us at



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