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Gen Museveni (in white shirt) takes photo with some of the NRM Canada Symposium organizers on Tuesday May 4th in Entebbe State House. Extreme left is his son Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba who was called in as ‘a listening post’ to have some apprenticeship on how future Diaspora-related challenges can diplomatically be resolved.

By Mulengera Reporters 

Ugandan ‘Crown Prince’ Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba may, in all truth, have to wait up to 2031 before ascending the throne of Presidency but its undeniable (to even a blind person) that he is increasingly being prepared for real big things and key decision-making roles in this country’s near future.

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And Mulengera News understands from impeccable credible sources that, much he is being portrayed as the deal for 2026, that’s just a decoy aimed at duping the Robert Kyagulanyi crowd into a small diversionary quarrel to allow his father Gen Museveni adequate breathing space as he replenishes his political arsenal to seek reelection in 2026. It had been realized that the Kyagulanyi-instigated pressure was becoming too much for Gen Museveni to coherently concentrate on the key service delivery and economic transformation agenda embedded in interventions like Parish Development Model.

That’s how it was agreed to create the Gen MK ‘mirage’ to deflate pressure and keep the very stinging Kyagulanyi youthful army’s eyes off the veteran leader from Rwakitura who otherwise will, according to insiders under his inner cirlce, be seeking one more term in 2026 before calling it a day in 2031.

The Kyagulanyi crowd, unsophisticated as always, is supposed to be kept busy chasing shadows thinking that Gen MK will be coming in 2026. When 2026 comes, according to insiders, Gen Museveni will once again be unveiled for one more term as Ugandans will be rhetorically told by spin-doctors like Tamale Mirundi, Andrew Mwenda and others that “it’s now clear your Kyagulanyi‘s equal is MK and not Gen Museveni anymore.” Frank Gashumba recently talked of MK being the Empologoma (the male lion) and his father Gen YK Museveni being the Ssabawologoma (chief lion).

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In 2026, the jocular narrative will be that “the fight with MK has proved that the equal of Kyagulanyi (who supporters fondly call empologoma ye Magere) is fellow lion MK and not Gen YK Museveni the Ssabawologoma.” It then will be persuasively argued Kyagulanyi should lower his political appetite and ambition for presidency as he waits to face off with his near equal MK in 2031! Ladies & gentlemen, all this is coming and rehearsals are actually already on. The real MK ‘project’ is for 2031 and what’s on now is to merey get your eyes off the ball which is Gen YK Museveni who remains the sole author of all the political ‘mirages’ in this country and more specifically the NRM party.

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Being Gen Museveni’s son, MK (whose only challenge is going to be how to keep the momentum, ignited by largely fortune-hunters, going between now and 2031) will have no qualms being ‘asked’ (in 2026) to postpone or shelve his political ambitions for another 5 years (after all he will be only 52 years as of 2026).

Then Gen Museveni, who doesn’t expect any surprises from Parliament (where his loyalists like Anita Among and Thomas Tayebwa) or even Judiciary (where his guys Alfonse Owiny Dollo, Pius Bigirimana, Flavian Zeija & Richard Buteera are firmly in charge) will carry on for another 5 years. But even when that is the plan, Gen MK must continue being prepared and learning statecraft through apprenticeship and formal avenues (just in case of any emergencies and also for purposes of duping the Kyagulanyi crowd).

One of those apprenticeship approaches is to get Gen MK exposed into the conduct of civilian matters that must compliment military leadership capabilities to make one an effective leader of a complex country like Uganda. This includes being casually crafted into attending some of the President’s formal and informal meetings especially where the law doesn’t explicitly prohibit him. The idea is to deepen the exposure of the NRM’s Standby Generator (as Tamale Mirundi calls him) on how state business is conducted in non-military spheres.

For example, Gen Museveni was recently rang by his own father to rush to Entebbe State House and attend one of the meetings relating to an audience or cluster of Ugandans that the President considers to be currently the most complicated for his ruling NRM. And that is the Diaspora. Held on Tuesday 4th May (10am-1pm), the Entebbe State House meeting was convened on the prompting of Gen Museveni’s key man on Diaspora matters Abbey Walusimbi and Fred Kinene who heads the ruling NRM‘s Canada Chapter. The Kinenes (into whose thing Gen Museveni has promised to invest $290,000) are organizing the very first NRM Symposium in Canada which is slated for first week of July.

Fast-forward, Diaspora is one aspect of the Ugandan society that has increasingly been hard for the NRM to neutralize or even subjugate. Leveraging on the social media space, Ugandans in the Diaspora (numbering several millions) freely criticize and demonize the NRM leaders and any member of the First Family without ever being successfully gagged using rudimentary tools like the Computer Misuse Act.

This is one luxury Ugandans back home don’t have because any slight provocation will result into being brutally arrested Rukirabasaja Kakwenza style. So, this and things like being relatively well off materially, make the Diaspora Ugandan crowd a complex one. Mind you, as directed by Court some time in 2020, these Ugandans must be registered by the Electoral Commission to make sure they participate in voting effective from 2026 from wherever they are. So, during the 4th May meeting, Gen Museveni told his guests that he considered it important to call in MK “as a listening post so that he too gets to learn these things.”

Indeed throughout the 3 hour meeting, Gen MK (dressed in army uniform) silently sat through and never expressed appetite to say anything. According to the people present at the meeting, the President’s son had a notebook in which he kept jotting what he considered to be important points just like his father did. Characteristically, being a disciplined leader, Gen Museveni always carries a huge notebook (A4 size with yellow sheets inside) where he keeps writing using a black pen.

After the meeting, Gen MK (who naturally remains hard brand to sell among the Diaspora Ugandans whose several million votes could make the difference and mess the ruling in 2026) cautiously joined in the group photo session and subsequently left without over engaging his father’s guests. All said and done, his attendance created an impression among those present that he was indeed being prepared to become the next President of Uganda after his father (all factors remaining constant). (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at




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