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By Isaac Wandubile 

Tamale Mirundi Jr is a well-known young man and his fame majorly derives from two things. Firstly being son to controversial media personality Joseph Tamale Mirundi comes with plenty of name recognition. And secondly, Junior is outspoken in his own right with governance and social justice issues being his specialty.

Some of the publicity he has attracted in the recent past related to the Kyagulanyi politics and the NUP/PP brand that comes with it. Junior’s decision to join the membership of NUP (or even People Power before it) attracted plenty of online publicity just like his acrimonious exit. He justified his dramatic exit on grounds that he had realized the Kyagulanyi group lacked the requisite pedigree required to inspire confidence that they can manage to effectively govern this country in the post-Museveni era. He also accused the youth-dominated NUP of extreme ineptness, inexperience and being thin on policy matters.

On leaving NUP, Junior concentrated on other blogging-related activities together with close acquaintances such as Ismail Olaxes, Isaac Katende Kasuku and others. Junior, who remains the most outspoken of the Tamale Mirundi children, has since had his conversion from NUP in favor of the ruling NRM rewarded with a juicy deployment at the Lands Ministry where Gen Museveni (always grateful for the risk Mzee Mirundi has carried for decades to amplify his politics whenever he lands a microphone) has decreed he gets deployed as he prepares for a big media war with Buganda Kingdom regarding his (President’s) determination to diminish the influence of Mailo land tenure system in especially Central region where its most conspicuous.

Junior, who has already reported, will be serving as the Executive Personal Assistant to State Minister Dr. Sam Mayanja who is already leading Gen Museveni’s Cabinet level assault on Mailo land-related injustices which Mengo is accused of fermenting. Mayanja, a recent inclusion in Cabinet, came onto the scene at a time when Tamale Mirundi (Junior’s father) was the lone voice on the airwaves when it comes to openly and publicly contradicting Mengo.

Like Mirundi has been doing for years, Dr. Mayanja has also taken no prisoners in his approach to the Museveni proxy war against Mengo. The two will deploy extreme crudeness in attacking anything to do with Mengo and they don’t spare anyone in their attacks. Kabaka Mutebi, who everyone including Gen Museveni fears to attack openly for fear of the resultant political unpopularity, has repeatedly had to endure personal scrutiny at the hands of these two rabid Musevenists.

Back to Mirundi Junior; as Executive Personal Assistant, the young man with an impressive social media following and name recognition, will be supervising a group of a few young graduates who will be out to amplify Dr. Mayanja’s messaging using all manner of media platforms. They are also supposed to help Dr. Mayanja coordinate research besides being the liaison persons harmonizing meetings between him and 100s of land grabbing victims who keep flocking his offices. Being an outsider at the Ministry of Lands, Mayanja also doesn’t have many staff and employees enthusiastic about risking to amplify his controversial views.

So, Tamale Mirundi Junior and his equally youthful colleagues will be out to embolden and publicize the Mayanja view while working hard to impress it on everyone that the views the State Minister expresses wherever he goes aren’t his alone or as a person but shared by many of his subordinates at the Ministry. Dr. Mayanja sometimes gets direct directives from the President who sends to him land grab victims whose cases require urgent intervention. It’s the thinking of the veteran General from Rwakitura that Mirundi Junior and other aides will be helping the 60-year old Minister to expeditiously follow up on the execution of such directives coming directly from the Fountain of Honor.    (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us    








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