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By Mulengera Reporters              

We don’t know what exactly happens to President Museveni’s favorite Ministers and MPs the moment they cease to hold office. This little story of ours is in reference to former State Minister for Luwero Triangle Sarah Ndoboli Kataike who also for 5 years doubled as the Woman MP for Budaka. She bowed out in 2016 primaries claiming the situation had become so messy with election violence and couldn’t risk the lives of her supporters. She bowed out after Gen Salim Saleh addressed NEC of the NRM and called on senior cadres to join him in promoting wealth creation through OWC which initially started from the Luwero docket where she was in charge.

Kataike’s political cracking enabled Pamela Kamugo Nasiyo, Ferry Kabanda, Loy Kiryapawo and Hilda Baluka to tassle it out in the general elections of 2016. Ndoboli then became one of the pioneer Directors in OWC and operated an office at JM Hotel along Entebbe road where she worked from along with fellow former Ministers like Rebecca Otengo, Henry Banyenzaki and others working under Gen Saleh who continues to be deputized by Gen Charles Angina.

An impression was created she was doing well under Saleh’s continuous financial rehabilitation under the auspices of OWC. But the latest reaching us is very shocking as former Minister Ndoboli (who supervised veterans’ billions as Luwero Minister) has remained financially troubled to the extent that court bailiffs working with a city law firm recently advertised her Kampala house vowing to sell it off to recover the money that was borrowed while using the same property as collateral security. This shows that Ndoboli (who in the past blamed her political woes on the Budaka LC5 Chairman) remains troubled as before and that not even Museveni’s well-paying OWC job has sufficiently shielded and immunized her against financial troubles. But because politics is seemingly very addictive in our part of the world, financially cracked as she is, Ndoboli is back to the Budaka trenches trying to rejoin Parliament in 2021 along with youthful lawyer Babula Noel Kataike who too is eyeing the NRM ticket. (For comments, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994 or email us at



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