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 By Mulengera Reporters

 Renowned for their outspokenness and pro-regime social media activism/visibility, NRM Team Thorough (group of vigilantes) comprises of men and women that previously paid allegiance to JPAM-Amama Mbabazi’s NRM poor youth movement. Gratefully, it’s a group Mulengera News has previously profiled in greater detail than anyone else has ever done as captured here

The latest information reaching Mulengera News indicates that city business lady Kellen Kayonga, who has generously been funding the group, has lately developed cold feet after getting intelligence reports Gen Museveni is lately apprehensive towards them fearing that the group could have been infiltrated causing some disgruntled members to begin clandestinely serving the political interests of Gen Henry Tumukunde who is running to oust Gen Museveni in 2021. For those who may not know, Kayonga is the sister to Joviah Saleh the wife to the President’s very powerful brother Gen Salim Saleh Akandwanaho.

The truth, as authenticated by several well-placed sources Mulengera News spoke to this Tuesday afternoon, is that Gen Museveni has in writing directed intelligence agencies to very quickly commence investigations into the extent to which Tumukunde has infiltrated the group which has always claimed to be very loyal to him as the incumbent President. The intelligence leaders have been holding meetings to agree on a joint approach into the investigations whose findings Gen Museveni is eagerly waiting for. One such meeting was held in Kampala late Monday evening.


“They [some of the Team Thorough leaders] blew their own cover when they began moving around the country in the villages obtaining people’s National IDs and going ahead to write off their NIN numbers. This reached the CiC [Gen Museveni] who verified none of his known key supporters or agents had commissioned this activity by Team Thorough members some of whom have lately been grumbling over money. Preliminary reports indicate this is part of the group’s activities aimed at helping Gen Tumukunde to collect the signatures he requires for his nominations. It’s a political mobilization structure whose creation or establishment the President has previously funded personally besides some of them working very closely with the likes of Alice Kaboyo, a State House assistant,” says an intelligence source in a bid to explain the nervousness which Team Thorough’s divided political loyalty has  created. Insiders close to the investigations say that Gen Museveni is so furious he wants some of the TT members apprehended and prosecuted for committing financial crimes and espionage against the state.

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