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 By Otim Nape

 Kampala RDC Faridah Mayanja Mpiima has been tasked by the President to lead an enforcement committee that will be charged with ensuring traders who maliciously exploit Ugandans by charging exorbitant prices for the basic commodities (like sugar, salt, cooking oil, tooth paste, rice etc) citizens badly need to go through this period are identified and decisively punished.

Trade Minister Amelia Kyambadde, who has just unveiled Faridah Mayanja, says the punishment will take many forms including revocation of one’s trading license. Faridah Mayanja, a diehard Musevenist since her youth days at school, will be finding this job relatively easy because she already has a network of operatives and volunteers she works with in her capacity as chairperson of the city’s security committee.

Faridah Mayanja speaking at an earlier public engagement

And working with the LCs in the respective locations, ISO and the Police DPCs, Faridah Mayanja’s committee will deploy spies to collect accurate information about breaching shop operators whose premises will subsequently be raided as severe sanctioning is administered instantly.

Minister Amelia Kyambadde has warned traders thus: “Better sort out yourselves as business community because these committee members are going to be ruthless and not lenient to anyone because this can’t be business as usual anymore. We have spoken to manufacturers at the factories and they say they have continued production and they haven’t hiked any prices. Those of you involved in hoarding goods to create artificial scarcities so as to charge high prices are going to have yourselves to blame because your license is going to be revoked since hoarding isn’t only about unjust enrichment but its also criminal and prohibited in the laws of Uganda.”

Kampala security committee chief Faridah Mayanja during a recent operation in Kibuli

In his last public address, Museveni spoke of a network of his personal spies that would be out to unmask traders involved in this criminal hoarding of goods and its now clear Faridah Mayanja, an experienced ruling party mobilizer in Kampala’s Rubaga Division, was among those he was referring to.


Amelia says there is no scarcity whatsoever that can be justification for traders to hike prices. She says unjust enrichment, at the expense of millions of toiling Ugandans would be the last thing the Museveni government can accept. “We have had a small problem of trucks not coming in but our Kenyan brothers have finally allowed the transit trucks to come to Kampala implying that even those commodities that aren’t locally produced can now be available. My dear traders I plead with you let’s not be so inhuman to begin imagining Corona pandemic is an opportunity for us to make money and enrich ourselves. That is not sustainable and we aren’t going to accept it as government,” said Amelia adding in the current situation, every Ugandan is obliged to sacrifice a little and contribute towards ensuring the larger public suffering and misery is significantly diminished.

Faridah Mayanja briefs Premier Rugunda

She says with trucks trickling in from Kenya, the imported commodities whose prices were beginning to go up “must immediately come down.” Apparently, the task at hand awaiting Faridah Mayanja is going to be a huge logistical operation because it naturally won’t be easy policing the entire Kampala and its neighborhoods. Gratefully, she has workaholic deputies in the Divisions with whom she has very cordial relations.

On a selfish note, Faridah Mayanja should do a good job and excel (rather than disappointing the President) because the Corona period assignment is an opportunity for her to endear herself to the people of Kampala for future electoral dividends in case she has intends to once again have interest to carry the NRM flag by standing for any elective position in any of the city Division like she did in 2016.

In entrusting this sensitive assignment to her, the President is certain that Faridah Mayanja (who is already working well with ISO, Police and Army top leadership by virtue of her position in the security hierarchy) will act decisively in the broader public interest without tolerating any of her committee members that might be tempted to accept financial gratifications to cover up in favor of any of the offensive traders that might work towards breaching his price hike-related directives.

Amelia Kyambadde too has used today’s briefing to caution anyone using this period to extort cash by revealing “some of our people have been going to investors’ premises saying you are a foreigner and we are here to enforce Coronavirus-related guidelines and subsequently ask to be given something for the investor to be left in peace.” She says such culprits have already been identified and will be severely punished.

Faridah Mayanja recently receives Rugunda for an NRM mobilization event in Kampala

Faridah Mayanja is also a very good mobilizer

Faridah Mayanja takes a photo with Rugunda recently along with NRM mobilizers in Kampala

Faridah Mayanja with Premier Rugunda2

Faridah Mayanja with Rugunda watching a security training in Kibuli recently


Rugunda acknowledges cheers from one of women groups Mayanja works with as he arrived for a recent function

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