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By Mulengera Reporters

Museveni’s cabinet Minister in charge of water and environment, Sam Cheptoris, has defended Gen Kale Kayihura against economic and travel sanctions by the US arguing visiting America is after all not a big deal.

The obscure Cheptoris, who is also the MP Tingey County in Kapchorwa district, says the Americans have no moral authority to sanction human rights violations because they are guilty of the same or even much worse in several parts of the world.

The usually quiet Minister was contributing to an online debate on one of the whatsapp forums for MPs where FDC’s Prof Ogenga Latigo (Agago County & former LoP) had shared a Daily Monitor article that was authored by Nicolas Sengoba, a regular columnist.

Titled “Gen Kale Kayihura: The loyal cadre who ran past his home,” the article enumerated numerous Kayihura era transgressions and argued that the former IGP deserved the American sanctions and much more. That it’s a reminder that being a military General in a small republic like Uganda doesn’t place anyone in a place of permanent comfort and powerfulness.

On seeing the article, Cheptoris just commended even without familiarizing himself with who the author was. He started bashing Latigo thinking he is the author (and not just the sharer).

Cheptoris, who rarely contributes to discussions on the same whatsapp forum, ranted: “Is Kayihura an American? Has he been banned from his home Uganda? When stooges talk, one wonders if the world is coming to an end. Is it a big deal to be banned from visiting US?”

Latigo, who is always very belligerent on the same forum, immediately shot back reminding Cheptoris of the high standards expected of him as a senior full Cabinet Minister.

“At your level and standing Mr. Minister sir, you are supposed to be better than that. Mere labelling others as stooges other than objectively scrutinizing issues places you close to a petty sycophant and maybe even worse. To protect your status, it may serve you well not to comment at all,” Latigo submitted.

Not one to go down just like that, Cheptoris shot back apparently in more combative mood: “I repeat America is for Americans. If Trump were banned from visiting Uganda, would he care a hoot? Why are you making a lot of noise over a ban to America? By the way, US does not even have moral right to talk about human rights given the way they trample on the rights of others.”

Clearly irritated by the former Kapchorwa LC5 Chairman’s failure to correctly appreciate what he considered basic things, Latigo responded thus: “In your blind response you have even failed to see that it was not me who wrote the article. I merely shared it. It was a bit childish and even blindly hateful of you to falsely accuse me of making a lot of noise when I neither wrote nor uttered a single word on the matter.”

Some of the NRM MPs on the forum argued that Latigo can’t run away from the responsibility of the contents of the anti-Kayihura article he was busy sharing on numerous whatsapp groups. Having seen the EU also weighing in commending the Americans for the bold step in defense of human rights, majority of the NRM MPs on the forum seemed timid unsure of what to say or not to say since their godfather YK Museveni hasn’t even yet expressed an option on the Kayihura sanctions.

Cheptoris is just the latest Musevenist to openly clash with Prof Ogenga Latigo on the same whatsapp forum. Others the insect Professor has previously clashed with include veteran Bufumbira MP James Nsaba Buturo over the GMO debate and Soft Power Supremo Sarah Kagingo over the quality of governance in the country. (For comments, call/text us on 0200900416 or email us at





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