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Lands Sam Mayanja is determined to carry on with the amplification of the anti-Mengo sentiments into the New Year 2022. In his latest missive, Mayanja portrays Mengo as an institution that has always been anti-democracy. He uses the fallen DP giant Ben Kiwanuka as a reference point to show how Mengo has always resented competitive and transparent politics.

Celebrating Ben Kiwanuka as the political prophet this country never had, Mayanja asserts that without the mischief played by Mengo the fallen DP leader would have become the first executive leader or President of the post-Independence Uganda, a country he adds would be a much better place if such a decent person had been permitted chance to lead it instead of opportunists like Milton Obote who exploited Mengo’s desire to overcome the genuinely popular to fluke the politics of the country.

Mayanja says that unlike Mengo, whose leaders always exhibited opportunism, Ben Kiwanuka was always principled and never feared to stand up to anyone. That right from the word go, Kiwanuka demanded for credible elections where the 2m voters in Buganda as of 1962 would elect their leaders without being manipulated. That Mengo, which was used to being shielded through indirect rule, feared direct elections because they weren’t spontaneously popular like Ben Kiwanuka’s DP was. Mayanja says that Mengo leaders tried to obstruct elections and when they failed, they blackmailed the British by demanding for indirect elections of all the MPs from Buganda.

That even when it was risky, Kiwanuka stood up not just to Mengo but also Protestant faith leaders who were backing their chauvinism. That Kiwanuka took on Lord Fisher who was the Archbishop of Lambeth who rebuked him over his well-articulated opposition to indirect elections. In a piece titled “How Mengo upstaged Ben Kiwanuka,” Mayanja reminisces how the DP leader assured the Lord Archbishop that his political principles were non-negotiable just like the prelate’s Christian principles or values were. That even Kiwanuka was right, the unity of purpose exhibited by the British, the Mengo Establishment and their subsequent ally UPC was simply too much for pacifists like Kiwanuka to overcome.

Mayanja asserts that by cajoling the British into accepting indirect elections, the Mengo Establishment worked against the consolidation of democratization in Uganda at the very inception of the country. That after conniving with Obote to overcome Ben Kiwanuka, the Mengo Establishment went into self-deceit by duping their supporters that the High Court and Uganda Police Functions in Buganda region would be under Mengo.

Mayanja says all this was untrue because the Ugandan High Court was supreme overall and the IGP of Uganda had the last word on all matters relating to Uganda Police Force. Mayanja asserts that the dislike for Ben Kiwanuka pushed Mengo Establishment into embracing Obote whose UPC had previously exhibited extreme contempt for Buganda.

That riding on the gullibility of voters in Buganda, the Mengo Establishment anomalously fused tradition, culture and politics into one in order to amplify their Kabaka Yekka sloganeering which saw Buganda Kingdom colors become the party’s colors and the Kabaka’s portrait becoming the symbol for the same KY party. That for purposes of the elections, all KY-sponsored candidates carried the Buganda Throne (the Namulondo) as their symbol.

Mayanja, clearly determined to drive a wedge between DP and Buganda Kingdom, also wildly asserts that Mengo’s chauvinistic tendencies had first manifested immediately after the Capt. Lugard Mengo battles of 1892 which resulted into a powerful Protestant oligarchy being established at the Seat of Buganda Kingdom before the same status quo got consolidated through the promulgation of the Buganda Agreement of 1900.

The same Minister recently published a piece that ridiculed and trivialized the conduct of business in the Buganda Lukiiko (whose 29th session the Kabaka had just presided over) like never before. The same Mayanja is widely perceived as the proxy through whom Gen Museveni is determined to further decimate Buganda Kingdom by marshalling through unprecedented land reforms which among other things are aimed at scrapping or abolishing Mailo land tenure system which the ruling NRM CEC members will soon be facilitated to go around the country decampaigning. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994 [whatsapp line], 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us





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