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By Faruk Kirunda

Presidential candidate, Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu (Bobi Wine) is appealing to the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate rival leading candidate and incumbent Head-Of-State, Gen. Yoweri Museveni on alleged charges of human rights violations. This is not the first time that Kyagulanyi is raising such an appeal; many have come through and landed on hard surfaces including when he thought ICC could get interested in his confrontation with the Special Forces Command (SFC) in Arua in August 2018.

He was also part of the move by a group led by Dr. Kizza Besigye and Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago, to get ICC to indict President Museveni over the Kasese confrontations, something which the ICC recently declared it had turned down for not meeting their standards. Okay not that Government of Uganda is not for justice but, rather, circumstances surrounding a confrontation must be in such a way that the victims are indeed victims and that they had no offensive agency in a matter.

And, so, Kyagulanyi has turned himself into a merchant of futile justice hoping to reap political capital. He refused to sit down and think out a reasonable route to achieve his objectives and thinks that reporting to ICC and his foreign backers will get him into power. I have previously stated that this won’t work. Instead, the delusion has caused Kyagulanyi to leave what he should be doing and gone into what he shouldn’t be doing if he is interested in electoral victory. The last appeal to ICC is a sign that he is giving up hope in winning and thinks that the international court will create for him a soft landing.

Courts of law should never be used to settle political scores. Any matter can be resolved in the Ugandan justice system but Kyagulanyi and group fear that they have weak cases and if local courts find no merit in them, then it would be too late to convince ICC. So, they storm The Hague and try to force petitions on it. I am aware that the Court is cautious about self-seekers who present untenable petitions in order to discredit its processes. The Court’s intent has been queried from a number of angles and this has meant reorganizing its systems to regain credibility. The system is more rigorous and sensitive to what is tabled in it and the outcomes. To succeed, a case must be watertight and unbiased, basing strongly on evidence.

In Uganda, if there is anybody whose human rights have been abused over and over, it is President Museveni and his supporters who are being targeted yet denied a hearing just because they are allied to government. When did it become a crime to work in or with government?

Uganda’s human rights record (and stability) is excellent to the point that millions come into the country seeking sanctuary from other troubled countries. This is because of the correct and responsive policies of the Museveni-led government. How would so many people run into the jaws of a lion to maul them? Museveni’s opponents are bent on undermining such a reputation in order to justify why he should leave power moreover without providing for the fact that he is in power by the will of Ugandans. Popularity is not forced or imposed as Kyagulanyi is attempting to do. A Court may actually act on government and Kyagulanyi still fails to win the hearts of majority Ugandans.

Museveni is the champion of human rights, peace and security, safety, democracy, freedom and human rights of Ugandans. For that to happen he had to fight to liberate the power of Ugandans and has since continued to fight to protect and preserve that freedom to enable citizens attend to the business of improving their wellbeing and livelihoods. That has meant fighting off numerous insurgent groups like the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), Allied Democratic Forces and emerging groups many of which are sponsored by politicians and enemies of progress in Uganda. It is the duty of a leader to apply reasonable methods to bring threats under control.

If Kyagulanyi is part of such groups and feels threatened as a consequence, he should admit that he is an aggressor who doesn’t qualify to be heard either by Court or Ugandans. If anything, it should be him to be dragged to ICC because of the incitement that leads to violence in circumstances that one cannot explain but which they usually want to blame on government.

I am suspicious that opposition is capable of staging anything to provoke the state and the public; anything to win sympathy or cause the fall of government. ICC should in fact look into their conduct regarding incidents we have witnessed during the ongoing campaigns which Kyagulanyi wants to base on for political limelight after seeing politically a very bleak future ahead of him.

A lot of time has been wasted pushing non-issues instead of building structures and convincing Ugandans on his policy alternatives. Instead, Ugandans are being intimidated, abused and physically attacked by his supporters and the man himself is afraid that voters will resoundingly reject him at the polls. Anyway, power is in the hands of Ugandans who will do the needful and Kyagulanyi will only have himself to blame. The author is a Presidential Assistant in Charge of Media Management. Contact:  0776980486/0702980486

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