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By Mulengera Reporters

Nansana Municipality MP Robert Kasule Sebunya, who is also a senior leader in the NRM, was this Saturday morning hosted on CBS radio’s Parliament Yaffe program, a platform he used to scorn Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu’s decision to evolve his People Power momentum into a political party. A diehard Museveni supporter, Sebunya said there is no way Bobi Wine can be such a big threat to the NRM because Mzee Moses Nkonge Kibalama from whom he acquired the National Unity Development & Reconciliation Party (and renamed it NUP) has for many years been on State House payroll.

“In fact in Kyadondo north [which later became Nansana Municipality], Kibalama is our cadre and part of the ruling NRM party structures. He is always in State House because his is one of the many small parties that have always been allying with NRM,” Sebunya said adding that not being able to scrutinize that aspect of Kibalama is indicative many of the people blindly following Bobi Wine lack the political sophistication required to defeat NRM.

That because he has always been leading a small obscure organization, Kibalama’s frequent defections to the ruling NRM wouldn’t attract any media publicity. “The way the whole thing was stage-managed in Kamwokya this week as NUP was being unveiled is consistent with the deal-making Kibalama I have always known as one of my key mobilizers in Buwambo. How do you say Bobi Wine was elected new party president at a delegate’s conference? Where was that delegates’ conference and how come no media house reported about it anywhere?”

After the CBS show, Mulengera News interviewed Sebunya who corroborated what he had said on air adding that Kibalama is someone well known to him. “When his father died it was us the NRM leaders in Kyaddondo who facilitated the funeral with support from State House. His father was buried in Buikwe,” Sebunya said adding that in Buwambo along Bombo Road, which is part of his Nansana Municipality, Kibalama is known to be a strong Museveni supporter and a family man except that his wife decamped and currently lives abroad while working for the UN.

He added that in Buwambo, majority residents know Kibalama as a very shrewd old man who got a lot of street-wise exposure and mentoring for the many years he served as a very influential personal driver to Paul Muwanga who Gen Museveni deputized under the Military Commission which organized the 1980 elections and preceded the dawn of Obote II government which Museveni protested by going to the bush. It will be recalled that Muwanga’s widow, for whom Kibalama subsequently served as family driver, was last weekend visited by President Museveni who spent several hours chatting at their Kololo residence.

“NRM has always sponsored him [Kibalama] to do political mobilization in the Buwambo community where he has been causing many opposition defections into the ruling party. He is our cadre, something he can’t even deny because it’s a public secret in the Buwambo community where he has lived for all these years,” says Sebunya adding that even his father Prof Israel Sebunya, whom he replaced as MP in 2008, always counted Kibalama to be one of the key pillars of his political campaigns which saw him repeatedly defeat all opposition candidates for as long as he lived.


On the same radio program, DP publicist Kenneth Kakande bashed President Norbert Mao like never before (this is a job they had initially left to Abed Bwanika). He went as far us urging those still hanging in to immediately vacate the party and jump into Bobi Wine’s NUP which he said is the future of all change-seeking forces. He said Mao had descended into extreme dictatorship to the extent that whoever has reservations about his reelection as DP President will have to be humiliated and herded out of the party.

Panelists Yusuf Nsibambi and Imam Kasozi (both of the opposition) cautioned Kakande not to betray mother party DP simply because he wants to ride on the Bobi Wine wave to win elections in 2021.

MP Kasule Sebunya says Moses Kibalama Nkonge (pictured) from whom Bobi Wine acquired NUP is a strong Museveni supporter and has led the ruling party’s mobilization efforts in Buwambo, along Bombo road, since the early 2000s. That the old man was a former driver of Paulo Muwanga and always goes to State House for facilitation to do clandestine political work for Gen YK Museveni

The trio cautioned Kakande to reflect on the fact that the more they worship Bobi Wine while confessing his infallibility, the more he looks like Museveni who many NRM leaders idolize. Kakande maintained DP the way people know it will have to be destroyed first, for Mao to be gotten rid of, and be rebuilt later after pushing Bobi Wine into State House. Saying these are mere opportunists, Nsibambi predicted that all of them will abandon Bobi Wine, the way they abandoned Seya Nasser Sebaggala, the moment the 2021 elections are over.

The notice calling for the Kibalama party delegates conference that preceded take over by Bobi Wine

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