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By Mulengera Reporters

City advocate Kiwanuka Kiryowa, who is also one of the private lawyers for the President and sometimes his ruling NRM party, has been tasked with the responsibility to chair a search committee that has three months to recruit new Principals running the different Colleges at Makerere University.

Colleges is a way through which Makerere decentralized administrative duties and academic responsibilities so that everything doesn’t have to go the Center. The idea was to create efficiency in service delivery while decongesting the Main Building where top management bosses sit. Colleges are now in the place where in the past existed Faculties. Whereas Faculties were headed by academic Deans that would ascend office through election by members of academic staff, Principals are appointed directly by the governing Council and their work is mostly administrative at the Colleges.

Many of the Principals’ positions will soon become vacant in just months and being one of the three members of the Governing Council representing government at Makerere, Kiryowa has been tasked to chair the search committee that will conduct the recruitment process. The Kiryowa committee will be placing a newspaper advert soon calling on suitably qualified Ugandans to apply for the jobs. A budget and a small secretariat have been put in place and the advert will most likely be published in the major newspapers next week.

Some of the Colleges whose Principals’ jobs will be advertised include College of Health Sciences, CHUSS where Josephine Ahikire has been acting since Prof Edward Kirumira exit for greener pastures in SA, CoVAB/Vet where DJ Kabasa has been serving since inception, CoNAS (Natural Sciences) and School of Law among others. At Law School, Prof Christopher Mbaziira has been acting since Damalie Naggita completed her term. It won’t be surprising to those who know when the Kiryowa committee produces a list of youthful and modern Professors to serve as Principals because the very assertive lawyer from Busiro subscribes to the view that Makerere needs to infuse fresh blood to ensure it runs like the 21st century academic institution it claims to be. “They will be free to apply for retention but it will be very surprising if any of the incumbent Principals is reappointed because the mood in the new Council, where Kiryowa is an influential voice, is to prioritize younger people at the expense of the old ones provided they meet the eligibility criterion,” said one of the knowledgeable sources Mulengera News spoke to for this article. (For comments, call/text us on 0200900416 or email us at



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