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By Mulengera Reporters

Gen YK Museveni has spoken out on the Tuesday morning incident which saw Gen Katumba Wamala narrowly escape an assassination attempt as he drove from his home heading to town. The unknown assailants, riding on two huge black motorbikes, showered the ex-CDF’s UPDF vehicle with countless bullets and in the process killed his driver and daughter Brenda Nantongo who had just returned to Uganda and taken up employment having recently returned from the US after completing her College education.

Below is the verbatim of Gen Museveni’s statement:

Here is what Gen M7 thinks of the Katumba attempted assassination: “The pigs who do not value life shot at Gen. Katumba killed his daughter and driver and injured him. Condolences on the loss of the two Ugandans. I talked to Gen. Katumba twice on the phone. He is being well-managed. I wish Gen. Katumba a quick recovery.”

The powerful man from Rwakitura adds thus: “The bodyguard should not have shot in the air. He should have shot to kill. We could be having a dead terrorist instead of scaring away the terrorists. His shooting saved Gen. Katumba by scaring the criminals away. However, killing one or more of the terrorists would have done the same and more. Signed: Yoweri T K Museveni. Gen (rtd). President of Uganda.”

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