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By Mulengera Reporters

This Tuesday morning President Museveni joined other dignitaries (First Lady, VP, PM, Speaker Kadaga, Ministers & the clergy etc) at Kololo Airstrip for a public ceremony held to celebrate and honor the memory of Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga. In his speech the President, who the Catholic Church leadership officially thanked for honoring their fallen leader, said he was shocked to learn that Dr. Lwanga had a heart and diabetic condition. That he had closely known and related with him for years but he never disclosed such a thing to him.

Renowned for never taking anything lightly [and for over reacting to situations], Museveni told the congregants at Kololo that he had managed this shock by ringing his personal physician Dr. Diana Atwine (also the PS MoH) demanding that she explains to him more about the “Ischaemic Heart Disease,” which personal doctor Andrew Sekitoleko says culminated into the prelate’s heart arteries getting blocked as a result of a sudden clot leading to his death during the night of Friday 2nd March. Dr. Sekitoleko explained that once that condition strikes, the sufferer will have to die within 3-5 minutes.

Saying Dr. Atwine explained to him many things about the same heart condition, Gen Museveni said a lot remained unclear to him and intends to have audience with the Archbishop’s personal doctors from whom he will be seeking to learn much more about this rare heart condition. “My young doctor Atwine told me it’s a known condition and the Archbishop’s doctors are saying he was suffering from that for a long time. My question to Atwine was how do you detect it as a person? How do you get to know you are suffering from that condition?” a clearly paranoid Museveni told the Kololo audience.

He disclosed that from what Dr. Atwine told him, the condition can be detected through the ECG technology by focusing on the heart muscle though ECO is a better diagnostic technology if one is to overcome obstruction that is normally caused by excessive fat which some patients accumulate around their heart vessels and arteries supplying blood to and from the heart.

“I wanted to meet the Archbishop’s doctors but I preferred to wait having realized they are now very busy with his funeral arrangements but I suggest they explain to the public in very clear terms because I want everybody to understand that condition, know how to detect and manage it,” Museveni said adding that now that Lwanga is gone, those left behind can only ensure he doesn’t die in vain by creating wider community understand about that rare heart condition.

Museveni said that not only Dr. Lwanga’s medics but all the other medical practitioners now have a duty to speak to many people in the areas where they operate from to create more clarity about that heart disease so that citizens can know which mitigation measures to take to secure themselves and their loved ones.

Those who closely know and work with him say that Gen Museveni fears death very much and always reacts very apprehensively on learning of any medical condition that can potentially accelerate the death of an old man of his age. This should contextualize and explain the fear and general apprehension he exhibited towards the “Ischaemic Heart Disease” which the postmortem report (produced by a team of senior pathologists representing the Church, the state and family) officially disclosed as the cause of the Archbishop’s death. The naturally very cautious Gen Museveni also rang Dr. Moses Byaruhanga (the Police surgeon) who participated with other pathologists to get additional explanation from him while trying to corroborate what his “young” Doctor Diana Atwine had told him in their phone call.


The President also used the Kololo event to remind Ugandans not to let down their guard as yet because Coronavirus is still rampaging and remains a very big problem to which everyone can potentially fall victim. He warned against complacency stressing that doing that can only wash away all the progress the country has collectively made so far in its COVID19 response which to a larger extent explains why COVID-related fatalities have been minimal in Uganda compared to other countries.

To illustrate the growing complacency, Gen Museveni referred to the funeral festivities of Utoda’s Musa Katongole’s, who was mourned by thousands of people who congregated at Kibuli Mosque and at Nakasajja Mukono where he was buried, to fault some clerics for taking things lightly-and becoming permissive as if the world had been declared COVID-free.

“We recently lost Katongole [who Prince Kassim Nakibinge officially announced died of COVID19] and Fatuma, one of his wives, rang me immediately. I gave her some [financial] support hoping it was going to be a scientific burial ceremony only to see on TV that they gathered very many people crowding for his burial both at Kibuli and some place in Mukono. I was very disappointed because we need to be very careful because Corona is still a very big problem. Let’s avoid unnecessary crowding as we see off our Archbishop Lwanga,” said Museveni before proceeding to commend Bishop Anthony Zziwa, who led the Catholic delegation to Kololo, for the leadership he has so far exhibited as the incumbent Chairman of the Uganda Episcopal Conference.   (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at



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