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By Mulengera Reporters

During the just ended 21 days NRM retreat at Kyankwanzi, Patrick Lumumba, the husband to the powerful NRM Secretary General, was among the people who presented papers as part of the broader induction and mentoring the more than 200 newly-elected ruling party MPs were supposed to undergo.

Patrick, whose wife was the chief convener of the meeting, presented a paper that was focused on how one can be successful in politics and also continue being a responsible spouse and parent back home.  He asserted that in many cases the political spouse won’t succeed unless they receive the required support from their wives or husbands.

Referencing on his own Justine’s experience, Patrick also told the MPs that scaling political heights shouldn’t cause them to have diminished humility towards their spouses at home. He also called on them to be prayerful and always consult their spouses back home when they are on the verge of making major political decisions at their respective places of work.

That the legislators must also equally know that their new status will inevitably expose them to many temptations as many babes will be coming across them and attempting to seduce them but these are things they should always expect as they pray about the same with the involvement of their wives back home.

He assured the legislators that their entire life will always rotate
around their spouses and children back home implying there should never be anything to distract their attention away. He assured the MPs it has never been easy to manage political success like many of them have just achieved but accountability and openness with their spouses and children back home will always enable them to overcome all the obstacles. It was a humorous presentation which kept MPs excited and cheerful. Many wished he carried on and spoke for even longer. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at



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