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By Mulengera Reporters

 After a few minutes past 4pm on Thursday, President Museveni (travelling by road) arrived at Kawanda Primary School in Sembabule district where he met close to 40 NRM leaders who participated in the last Friday primary elections for MP positions. He was accompanied by very few escorts and security aides and (seemingly tired having spent much of the day at Mbarara’s Kakyeeka stadium holding similar reconciliation discussions) Gen Museveni insisted on making his address immediately after area RDC Nickson Kabuye led a brief opening prayer. Even for the anthems, only the 1st stanzas were sung as the man from Rwakitura clearly didn’t have much time.

In his speech, Museveni defended himself against claims and general perception that he was fronting his close family members and relatives to politically obliterate some people. In the case of Sembabule, many have been complaining about his brother Geoffrey Sodo Aine Kaguta contesting against Sam Kutesa’s daughter Shartsi Musherure seeking to succeed her father as Mawogola North MP.


Museveni, who asked Sodo to stand up and publicly tell the meeting whether he ever sent him to stand in Sembabule, referenced on his daughter Natasha Karugire’s experience in Gomba to prove he has always dissuaded his family members not to develop appetite for elective political positions. “In Gomba I have been having a very big problem with local residents and opinion leaders dying to make my daughter Natasha their woman MP. It hasn’t been easy but I have had to consistently tell them that can’t be. I even went as far as telling them that if it’s for the job, I will employ her at my farm in Kisozi to look after my cows and get paid a salary for doing that work,” Museveni told the meeting.

Museveni addresses Sembabule leaders at Kawanda Primary School

The NRM national chairman revealed that even after the party primaries were held, Gomba residents haven’t given up on their efforts trying to cajole his graceful daughter to become their woman MP. He assured the meeting that having repeatedly talked to both the people and Natasha, he is sure she will never be a candidate for that Gomba seat. He told the meeting that as a responsible father who knows how complicated politics can be sometimes, he has a duty to shield his daughter against such exposure. “You know President Museveni is shrewd and a master at his political game. Many of us at the meeting saw this reference to Natasha’s Gomba experience as an indirect attack on Sam Kutesa for failing to prevent his daughter Shartsi from plunging into the murky waters of politics,” says one of the influential Sembabule leaders who was at the Thursday meeting.


Gen Museveni, who years earlier prevented his son-in-law Odrek Rwabwogo from ousting Gen Matayo Kyaligonza from the position of being NRM Vice Chairman for Western region and therefore become CEC member, also told the meeting about the strong fight he put up when his wife Janet offered to replace Mzee Augustine Ruzindana as Ruhaama County MP in their birth place of Ntungamo. “I resisted until she said God has told her to go and do it,” said Museveni whose utterances at the meeting sources say left the Kutesa camp saddened and feeling unhelped.

“They expected him to be apologetic about Sodo standing in Mawogola North and they knew he would ask him to step down from the race or at minimum denounce him for going into the thing without seeking his consent. He didn’t do anything like that and this was a huge slap in his fellow elder Sam Kutesa’s face.” Indeed, sources at the meeting say that SK’s body language betrayed a very deflated man.



“Even when he [Kutesa] got the microphone to speak you would see a very paranoid old man speaking with a lot of anger and uneasiness,” says a senior source at the Sembabule meeting. As opposed to pronouncing himself on anything, Museveni only said he would create a committee of three eminent persons to verify the contents of what intelligence agencies had collected for him so far. “I already know a lot regarding who messed up what and the moment all this is confirmed, I’m going to cause many such culprits to be jailed. Only publicly apologizing will save such traitors and they have just four days within which to apologize or get prosecuted for electoral-related offences,” Museveni sternly told the meeting. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at






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