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By Mulengera Reporters 

Some few weeks ago, State Minister for Lands Dr. Sam Mayanja drove to Luwero Town Council where he convened a public meeting during which the contending parties to a land dispute were heard before a decision was proclaimed. This is was in relation to the 9 plots of prime land in Luwero T/C belonging to the estate of the late Yafeesi Sembatya whose beneficiries and administrators had petitioned Dr. Mayanja’s seeking cancellation of the land titles a one Dan Nsubuga was depending on to disposess them of their late father’s land.

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Because the freehold titles Dan Nsubuga carried had been issued in error in relation to land (Block 652 Plot 629) which had already been titled, Dr. Mayanja came to the conclusion that some illegality and criminal activities had been committed to enable Dan Nsubuga, a controversial businessman in Luwero, to get his interest registered. Mayanja directed that Mr. John Karuhanga, who serves as Commissioner Land Registration in the same Lands Ministry, undertakes the necessary administrative steps to have Nsubuga’s erroneously-issued titles recalled for cancelation before the record on the land register can be corrected.

Dr. Mayanja subsequently wrote to the Director CID Dr. Tom Magambo calling for the investigation and prosecution of Dan Nsubuga and others who perpetuated such alleged illegality and criminality. CID proceeded to inquire into the circumstances under which Dan Nsubuga came to be the registered proprietor of the land and the Kibuli investigating team was headed by a one Muwanika whose report and findings have since been trashed by the office of DPP charged with the Luwero area. See related reporting here

In a two page letter dated 3rd May 2022, a one Andrew Odit, who is supposed to be a very important State Attorney (or something like that) has reversed Minister Mayanja’s findings and exonerated Dan Nsubuga who he praises as a very vigilant Ugandan who benefited from the indolence with which (he claims) the late Sembatya and his estate beneficiaries acted. Odit, whose strange but not very unexpected intervention had for long been anticipated, explains the circumstances under which the wealthy and generous Dan Nsubuga became the registered owner of the hitherto disputed land.

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That at some point in the 1980s-1990s, a dispute arose over the same piece of land between Yafeesi Sembatya and Yunia Nabukeera (both now deceased). That the dispute resulted into Sembatya being put on criminal trial in Luwero Magistrates Court and charged with forgery, uttering false document and obtaining (land) registration by pretense. Odit, who doesn’t explicitly explain the relationship that is supposed to have existed between the two now deceased persons, goes on to assert that Yunia Nabukeera subsequently sold the land to a one Simon Bagairwe Mpiima (now deceased too) who took advantage of the Sembatya indolence and applied to Luwero DLB for a lease which was granted.

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That its from this Mpiima that Dan Nsubuga innocently bought the same land in 2001. That Dan Nsubuga, who Odit curiously defends as innocent and praises for being vigilant unlike the Sembatya estate administrators who slept on their rights, converted the land from lease to freehold and that this was preceded by reasonable due diligence which makes him a bona-fide purchaser of value without adverse notice.

Odit, who faults the Sembatya estate administrators and beneficiries for not being in a hurry to take possession of the land which they considered to be theirs, further defends Dan Nsubuga by asserting that he never committed any fraud or criminal activity to get his freehold certificate of title which Minister Mayanja already condemned as sham.

In the end, Odit advises CID to guide the Sembatya estate administrators, beneficiries and other complaints to consider pursuing Dan Nsubuga in civil courts (if they must) because his hands are clean as those of the white man; implying they can simply not succeed pursuing anything against him under criminal law. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at



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