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By Mulengera Reporter

At least 15 companies that had presented sanitizer samples to Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) have failed laboratory tests, the standards regulator has said.

A team of experts at UNBS, an agency under the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Co-operatives (MTIC), carried tests to ascertain the samples’ alcohol content, acidity and bacterial efficacy.

In a statement released Thursday, the standards promoter said the decision to list the approved and blacklisted companies was “aimed at protecting consumers from buying sanitizers that do not comply with standards and harmful to their health, in the wake of Covid19.”


UNBS has since warned Ugandans not to buy sanitizers from the companies which failed tests, but instead “report presence of the above 15 brands on the market using UNBS toll free line 0800 133 133, to enable the enforcement team to put them off the market.”


  1. Saraya Manufacturing Uganda Limited
  2. Geno-Hitech Uganda Limited
  3. Dei Natural Products International Limited
  4. Rene Industries Limited
  5. Premier Distilleries Limited
  6. Kenlon Industries Limited
  7. Hoima Sugar Limited
  8. Akhtabut Investments Limited
  9. Armour Group Limited
  10. Samaka Consults Uganda Limited
  11. Sanit Hygiene – SMC Limited

In the coming weeks, UNBS, which is responsible for developing, promoting and enforcing standards in protection of public health and safety, is expected to approve more sanitizer-making firms.

“Following the provision of technical assistance to manufacturers and free sanitizer and disinfectant standards by UNBS, the number of companies certified to manufacture sanitizers is expected to increase. UNBS will thus issue an updated list on a weekly basis,” said the statutory body in a statement.

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