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By Kassim Sematimba 

This is strange but true. One of the newly elected LC5 Chairpersons in one of the districts near Kampala (and he is opposition) has resorted to using his newly acquired position to make quick buck even before being sworn in. The big man has continued to be approached by many of his councilors lobbying to be considered to occupy one of the four executive positions which he is mandated and empowered to fill up by appointment.

On realizing how desperate the councilors are for the executive positions (because his party clearly has the majority), the controversial LC5 Chairman has resorted to demanding for financial gratifications to the extent that every month he must harvest a minimum of Shs0.8m per month. “He has demanded that one has to surrender Shs200,000 per month to him and when you have four slots, that will give him a cool Shs800,000 per month which he says can take care of his social life-related expenditures such as the membership at his social club. He has assured each one of us privately that where things have reached there is nothing for free anymore in the politics of Uganda,” says one of the councilors.

Another councilors added that “to tell you the truth Mulengera, I’m totally flabbergasted because these are guys we have grown up respecting but seeing him cheapening himself by demanding just Shs200,000 from each one of us is something I never expected.”

Another female councilor says her trick is to acquiesce to the money demands on top of promising endless sex to the randy LC5 chairman “but in the end I won’t give him any and if he removes me from the executive position, I will then expose everything because, unknown to him, I have been recording all his discussions in those private talks where he has been insisting on his condition of forfeiting Shs200,000 to him per month.”

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