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By Mulengera Reporters

Public -spirited lawyer Eron Kiiza is out in the cyber space mobilizing like-minded advocates and stakeholders to actively denounce President Museveni for promising members of the learned fraternity hot air (aka byoya byanswa). A renowned rubble rouser, Kiiza says Museveni’s December 2018 public pronouncement that he was offering a grant of Shs5bn to finance the construction of the ULS headquarters in Kamwokya prompted individual lawyers, who were ready to enthusiastically contribute, to fold their hands under the conviction the job was finally done.  Kiiza cynically implies Museveni either gave them byoya byanswa or the ULS leadership isn’t being accountable enough.

This is how the controversial young lawyer cynically made his point: “I have information (from a protected source) that in December 2018, President Museveni flamboyantly promised to ease the work of Uganda Law Society in building the eagerly awaited ULS HOUSE. This excited some of our members but some of us knew from the outset that you only delight in M7’s promises once you have them in your hands. We all know his famous promise of an independent, integrated and self-sustaining economy. We equally recall his “this is not a mere change of guards” rhetoric. So, true to character and history, M7 promised lawyers 5 billion to help in building the ULS HOUSE. Work on the ULS House began in earnest. The old structure was gunned down secure in the knowledge that the President, who has previously proclaimed ownership of Uganda’s oil, money and other national assets would have little trouble fulfilling his pledge. Weeks turned into months that added to years without the old man with a big hat of Luwero fame delivering a coin of his pledge. Could Mzee have released money for his learned bazzukulu and someone is chopping it or he has forgotten about legal grand children’s issues as he concentrates on consolidating the NRM milestones of peace and security especially as 2021 draws closer with unmistakable faith? Only M7 knows!  ULS needs the House. It needs the 5 billion as our integrated and self-sustaining economy is independent enough to allow ULS members to independently organize the building money in a short while. We understand there’s some imperialist sabotage in the circumstances of this 5 billion pledge but look forward to the old crediting the ULS accounts in the spirit of Pan Africanism.”


The Eron Kiiza articulation has since inspired many hitherto-politically indifferent young lawyers to step forward and denounce the President on social media. Reliable State House sources have since revealed to Mulengera News that Kinobe, who Eron Kiiza faults for being incommunicado about the issue, has been relentless in following up the pledge but his efforts have so far not yielded. Kinobe, who is closely related to former Minister Kabakumba Matsiko a Museveni blue eyed girl, has always been perceived as one who doesn’t want to be aggressive towards the state lest the big man from Rwakitura becomes uncomfortable towards him.

“He is a diplomat for sure because he has even once met the H.E. about that pledge but his handlers like Lucy Nakyobe have remained cagey considering Shs5bn to be a lot of cash to be contributed for the ULS whose members are wealthy enough to build their headquarters without any Presidential assistance,” a knowledgeable State House aide says of Kinobe’s efforts to recover the money. ULS sources say that the matter is so serious that it’s one reason why Kinobe or any other member of his Executive desiring to seek reelection will find it hard to get votes from ULS members in a few month time from now (because, as Eron discloses in his missive, work at the ULS House site has since stalled bringing the legal fraternity into total embarrassment). Watch this space for more updates on this story. (For comments, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994 or email us at  



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