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 By Mulengera Reporters

 Having realized how indomitable the incumbent Kampala Lord Erias Lukwago is, Latif Sebaggala (brother to Seya) says he won’t be running for Mayorship in 2021 implying he has realized that not even Bobi Wine can move mountains, perform miracles and get him into City Hall.

Latif, who has been Kawempe North MP since 2001 making them 20 straight years of living off the taxpayer, now says he will be seeking reelection to serve beyond 2021. Latif had last year publicly declared he had done his part for Kawempe and will now be grabbing the Lord Mayor position for People Power. However, in a Saturday interview with city political journalist Umar Kashaka, Latif says he has weighed all options and believes he can serve better and more productively as MP Kawempe North for which he had already endorsed Suleiman Kidandala, another big man in People Power.

Since declaring interest for Mayorship, Latif has struggled to publicly appear to be very close to Mr. Wine in the hope that is all he needed to overcome Lukwago who sarcastically likes calling himself “kakonge kakukubo akonako yagwa.” It means all adversaries come fighting hard but in the end hit themselves against the wall and bow out. The Mayoral interest has also created many enemies for Latif initially including the DP Bloc activities who at first fronted Abed Bwanika before abandoning him for Chameleon who for long has been perceived as an archrival for Latif Sebaggala.

But the dangerous U-turn he is making on Kawempe North is equally going to create for him more enemies as well as Kidandala will furiously fight back calling the whole thing betrayal because he had rallied his supporters to support Latif for Mayorship against Lukwago who he previously deputized. It will also make many perceive Latif as an indecisive opportunist just calculating to eat in chaos (okulira mukavuyo). Some already see wealthy Latif as too desperate for positions at a time he must be bidding farewell to Kawempe North residents who have generously been electing him since 1996 when he first joined area elective politics starting out as councilor Kawempe Division.

Besides Kidandala, Latif will be facing off with Shifrah Lukwago, Mohammed Segirinya and Mohamed Mutazindwa. There will naturally be other contenders for the seat including those from NRM who have been trying hard to reclaim back the seat which they lost in 2001 when their Jamada Luzinda (incumbent then) was easily floored by Latif Sebaggala who that year defeated Sam Walter Mukaku Lubega, a fellow DP, among other contestants. And the cracking of Latif, on whom many Lukwago haters had counted on grounds he is wealthy with enough campaign resources, means the incumbent Lord Mayor might soon remain the only undisputed flag bearer for the City Hall seat from the opposition.

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