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By Mulengera Reporters

Late Pastor Augustine Yiga Abizaayo left many children with different mothers. These mothers have become a problem for his heir Pastor Andrew Jjengo who continues to head his late father’s Kawaala Revival Church. The widows keep coming demanding for school fees and upkeep money for their children and they want Jjengo to keep materially providing simply because he is heir.

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They claim that Abizzayo, their former bonkmate, left a lot of cash and property from which Jjengo is supposed to derive sustenance for himself, the church and his other siblings.

They also keep menacingly looking at the dwindling tithe and offertory Jjengo is supposed to be collecting from the Church. So, recently one of the late’s mistresses demanded fees for her child which Jjengo couldn’t readily provide because the truth is that the late Abizzayo’s estate comprises of very struggling businesses like ABS TV and others.

Unable to get the money for her child, the woman escalated matters to police and has since been trying to have Jjengo arrested. And she has support of some insiders and traitors close to Jjengo who keep giving her Intel about his whereabouts and plans.

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On realizing the woman was determined to humiliate him so as to disperse those who remain church members, Jjengo decided to go underground and this has created anxiety among his flock. He has since gone missing and not many churchgoers have heard from him in the last three weeks.

It’s only a few assistants like his chief PA Brian Makula Simpleman and a one Kojja Kimbowa that know where he is and have been able to keep in touch with him. It’s understood that Jjengo, in his current self-isolation, has been trying to intercede and pray to God to help take away the problems he finds himself besieged with.

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Last weekend his sister Diana was being introduced and the function was held at Jjengo’s residence in Magere near Kasangati but Jjengo didn’t attend. This was after he got intel that the stepmother had planned to storm the event with police and journalists to humiliatingly arrest him.

In Jjengo’s absence, Pastor Mwesigwa Phillip, who used to be very close to the late Abizzayo, is the one leading prayers and all church services as worshippers eagerly look forward to the return of their beloved senior Pastor. (For comments on this story, get back to us on 0705579994 [whatsapp line], 0779411734 & 0200900416 or email us at



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