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By Gilbert Mwesigye

Outgoing Irene Mulyagonja, whose contract ends on Sunday 5th July, has this Friday evening called what she called her last and final management meeting and venue was Mestil Hotel Nsambya from where her own police guards (ironically) returned cursing after organizers denied them food on grounds that the Inspectorate is broke making it impossible to provide for everybody.

During the meeting (attended by all IG Directors and the two Deputies George Bamugemereire & Mariam Wangadya), a stone-faced Mulyagonja told her audience it’s time up and wished everyone well. She told them there was a time to join the Inspectorate and now is the time to leave as she prepares to rejoin the bench as a Justice of Court of Appeal. “I’m here to inform you that I would have desired to hand over to a new IGG because that would have been the ideal thing to do but now that none has been appointed so far, I will hand over to one of my deputies who will also receive my hand over report and forward the same to whoever will be appointed to replace me,” the strictly dieting Mulyagonja was quoted as saying.

It was a meeting of strictly very few people and Manager Communications Ali Munira was called in to take photos of the memorable final meeting for the Lady Justice who tried her best to revive credibility to the Inspectorate of Government only to be let down by lack of adequate political support from the top echelons of government (See related reporting &

But knowledgeable IG insiders say the manner in which Mulyagonja intends to hand over office on Monday is going “to put the institution on fire” as seniority issues between Wangadya and Bamugemereire (aka GB) have continued to create sharp disagreements. Whereas Mulyagonja perceives GB to be more senior (prefers to refer to him as 1st Deputy IGG & Wangadya 2nd) and therefore the one she must hand over to, Wangadya supporters consider that inappropriate as the two deputies are equally senior without one being superior to the other according to the law that creates the two offices. Indeed Mulyagonja herself is in a dilemma as to who of the two lawyer deputies the Shs36m-per-month office should be handed over to.

“She says she will return on Monday to strictly hand over and move on but we think she wants to use the weekend to consult on the best way to go about this. The options are simply two: you hand over to GB and risk reprisals from the Wangadya faction sympathizers or you jointly hand over to both since they are presumed to be equal in authority notwithstanding that GB joined the Inspectorate earlier,” says one of the IG Directors adding that the matter has fully been brought to the attention of the IG line Minister Simon Lokodo who remains equally puzzled on how to deescalate the situation.


The well informed Director (whose information has since been corroborated by a source in Lokodo’s office) says Wangadya, a diehard Museveni cadre who was recruited into the system by her relative late Wapa more than 20 years ago, perceives herself as mistreated and likens her predicament to that of ex-Deputy IGG Raphael Baku who was famously marginalized as he deputized Faith Mwondha who Mulyagonja replaced in 2012. “Those of us who share Wangadya’s concerns believe the two deputies are equal and our view is that the IGG should jointly hand over to both of them if there is to be harmony after her exit on Monday. Short of that, I anticipate an explosion as Wangadya is likely to blow up anytime. There is simply too much tensions in the office and I can’t imagine Wangadya allowing GB to be her supervisor in the absence of a substantive IGG. The best the President can do is to fill that vacuum by quickly naming a new IGG or consider elevating one of them to being the boss substantively holding the position of IGG,” says a deeply informed source inside Lokodo’s office who we spoke to for this article.

Sources say that even at the Mestil today event (Friday) where Mulyagonja bade farewell to the two deputies and all the Inspectorate Directors, the body language between Wangadya and George Bamugemereire clearly indicated lots of uneasiness that is going to explode as soon as Mulyagonja is out on Monday.

Sources inside IG supervisor Lokodo’s office say that Wangadya has for long been uncomfortable seeing Mulyagonja sharing passwords giving exclusive access to classified IG information that is electronically stored to only Bamugemereire to her exclusion and has always wondered why Mulyagonja doesn’t realize that the two Deputies are equal in the law as opposed to one being 1st deputy and the other 2nd.  That as they left Mestil, Wangadya reached out to Bamugemereire and protested to him wondering why he never advises Mulyagonja to treat the two deputies equally. “She has actually demanded that the hand over report for Mulyagonja goes to both of them as deputies and not one as the incumbent IGG was planning to do on Monday. She has repeatedly assured Bamugemereire she isn’t going to allow being suffocated anymore after stomaching so much torment in the last 7 years. She wants to have equally shared authority of the institution in the interim period as the country awaits for the substantive IGG to come and replace Mulyagonja,” a source further discloses about the impending feuding between Wangadya and GB who the outgoing Mulyagonja is understood to have marketed to the HE as one with potential to make a good IGG.

Some Wangadya sympathizers inside Simon Lokodo’s office claim it’s possible she is being marginalized because of where she comes from. Indeed higher political sources working with Ethics & Integrity Minister Simon Lokodo say Wangadya has sometimes opened up and shared her ethnicity-related frustrations with both Mulyagonja and Bamugemereire (both of whom come from Busoga). Sources say that as the IG political supervisor, Simon Lokodo knows much about this apex feuding and power struggles between the two deputies but has always been reluctant to get deeply involved fearing to antagonize Mulyagonja who is headed to serving as Judge of the Court of Appeal where Lokodo could potentially find his Kaabong election as MP challenged someday.

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