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By Mulengera Reporters

Riding on the letter by Gender Ministry PS James Ebitu, Andrew Seguya the PRO who speaks for hitherto-troubled labor exportation agency Middle East Consultants Ltd says they are back and on offer are close to 1000 new jobs available for grabs for Ugandans desiring to work abroad. The agency had been closed late last year after Afande Nakalema got complaints from would-be job recruits and in the end, their license was withdrawn and several of the company officials were prosecuted in the criminal law courts of Uganda.

But in his Monday 20th January letter, Ebintu announces the lifting of the suspension and reinstatement of the agency’s license meaning they can resume normal business. An extract in Ebitu’s letter goes as follows; “Reference is made to your letter MC/GEN/20/CN dated 16th January 2020 and the meeting that was held on the 20th January 2020 at the Ministry attended by Middle East Consultants, the representatives of the complainants and officials of the Ministry. Further reference is made to the Memorandum of Understanding dated 21st January 2020 between Middle East Consultants Ltd and the complainants. The Administration has considered the appeal against the suspension of the company’s license and accordingly lifted the same.”

Part of the Gender-Labor Ministry letter lifting the suspension prohibiting Middle East Consultants from conducting labor exportation business

It adds; “The purpose of this letter therefore is to inform you that suspension of your company’s license has been lifted with effect from the date of issue of this letter. You are further urged to remain compliant at all times with the Regulations and Guidelines on labor externalization.” Referencing on the Ebitu letter, Andrew Seguya the PRO for Middle East Consultants revealed they are returning in a big way with over 1,000 juicy jobs being readily available to be grabbed between now and April. He particularized these to include 100 jobs for bus drivers & 300 for taxi drivers in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah; 200 cleaners’ jobs, 350 air port cargo handlers in Qatar and Abu Dhabi and 120 jobs for service female cabin crew members in Abu Dhabi.

He admitted mistakes had been made in the past and significant lessons have been learned to ensure the agency does even a better job this time round. He for instance seemed to agree that some individual employees made mistakes in the way they related with potential recruits resulting into their Edith Nakalema-orchestrated prosecution as individuals. He said this doesn’t in any way implicate the company which, at law, has its own existence distinct from its employees and managers.

Commending the Ministry for reconsidering their earlier position, Seguya said business has immediately commenced at their offices located on plot 21/31 Tank Hill Road Muyenga and thanked Ugandans who have once again embraced them as a credible labor exportation agency which in the last one decade has positively impacted on lives of close to 20,000 would-be jobless Ugandans who currently are able to look after themselves and immediate family members.

He specifically said in the last 10 years, 19,940 Ugandans had been supported to connect to gainful employment in Middle Eastern countries without reference to their tribe, religion or even political affiliation. “We are proud those have continued to contribute towards the building of this great nation,” he said. He added that much as certain things went wrong, the very reason why some ex-employees are standing trials, much of the negative media portrayal inorganically resulted from the work of some people that were maliciously interested in killing off Middle East Consultants as a strong brand when it comes to exporting Ugandan labor abroad and bringing in forex. He said he was uncomfortable discussing the matter in deeper details (regarding what went wrong in the past) because doing so would offend the prejudice rule that requires limited public discussions on matters before Courts of law where the implicated former employees continue to face trial. (For comments on this story, call/text/whatsapp us on 0705579994 or email us at



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