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By Mulengera Reporter

Jackson Betihama, the leader of an Administrative Staff Association at Kyambogo University, has been arrested hours after he gave an interview to Mulengera News.

In the interview, the vocal trade unionist had explained why the association he leads was convinced University Secretary Charles Okello should step aside to pave way for a probe into his conduct and corruption allegations.

“As long as he is still in office as Accounting Officer, such disciplinary proceedings can only be mockery because he is the one to process allowances for the members and provide their logistics like meals,” said Betihama on Thursday.

“You must be strong in your faith to believe a process like that can lead to a result that Okello doesn’t like. We are simply saying in the interest of natural justice and procedural propriety, let him be suspended and the truth gets established.” (For more on what Betihama told Mulengera News, See KYAMBOGO EMPLOYEES PLOT STRIKE OVER UNIVERSITY SECRETARY OKELLO, ACCUSE COUNCIL OF COVER UP).

Also head of non-teaching staff associations for all Ugandan public universities, Betihama wants Okello investigated for flouting procurement rules in awarding a Shs330m transcripts contract to Transpaper Uganda Ltd.

While the University Secretary was supposed to seek the Solicitor General’s approval before awarding the contract, he didn’t, according to available documents.

He is also faulted for sidelining the Contracts Committee and the office of the Academic Registrar, the transcripts’ user department.

But Betihama is already paying a price for speaking out on the ‘sins’ committed by the powerful Kyambogo administrators.

The staff leader is currently being detained at Jinja Road Police Station after he was arrested late Thursday afternoon for reportedly giving an interview to this publication, which administrators described as “washing Kyambogo’s dirty linen in public.”

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