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By Mulengera Reporters

Sources at the army top level meeting/retreat held yesterday in Gulu have revealed to us that the top bosses unanimously admitted that it was a major weakness that the mass pro-Kyagulanyi protests, that paralyzed the country for two days (Wednesday & Thursday), caught everyone by surprise. They maintained (like many pro-establishment people have) that the protests weren’t spontaneous as the NUP leadership says but that it was a well-planned move whose key architects took months planning.

Their retreat took the collective view that some elements in the anti-Museveni political formations long planned to use the electioneering/campaigning period to ferment chaos aimed at discrediting President Museveni while portraying him as a brutal lame duck veteran General who has failed on the security aspect which for long had been his key achievement. That the idea is to make Ugandans feel insecure and thereby write him off as the guarantor of their security of persons and property.

Having entered the meeting with that conviction that this was a planned as opposed to being a spontaneous protest movement, the army top brass took a decision to collectively own up and agree that there was a regrettable failure on intelligence gathering the very reason why nothing leaked anywhere until the protests erupted in all major towns of Uganda-catching each one of them of guard.

Mulengera News understands that, as such, majority of the ,military leaders left the Gulu retreat convinced that the Commander in Chief was justified to feel disappointed in them for that glaring failing. They resolved to coordinate with police, the RDCs and the entire ISO apparatus more closely to ensure that the appropriate mitigation measures are identified and implemented to ensure that Kyagulanyi’s NUP establishment doesn’t catch the off guard again.

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