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By Mulengera Reporters

As we elaborated in our very comprehensive coverage of the races that would create chaos and cracks in the People Power Movement/NUP(, the Nakawa Division MP race has become the latest to ferment the latest contradictions for the nascent group’s Principal Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu (aka Bobi Wine).

The biggest battle as we reported earlier has been and remains Nakawa West (see related details here Whereas originally the battle inside PP/NUP was perceived as one strictly between Eng Ronald Balimwezo and Joel Senyonyi (who says Kenneth Paul Kakande the would-be 3rd person isn’t their member), a group of diehard opposition veterans in Nakawa (who were already eating teargas at a time Joel Senyonyi was still wearing diapers) have stepped forward to vigorously dispute the process through which the nascent political Movement’s publicist claims to have been arrived at as the flag bearer for Nakawa West with Balimwezo reluctantly agreeing to go for Nakawa East where he risks being floored by either NRM’s Fred Ruhindi or even the incumbent Mike Kabaziguruka of the FDC.

The Nakawa opposition diehards, speaking on condition of anonymity fearing reprisals from the PP Principal the infallible Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu, are arguing that Senyonyi must act courteously, reach out to and agree with other potential opposition contenders resident within Nakawa West as opposed to Balimwezo who actually belongs to volatile Nakawa East.

“How do you declare yourself the flag bearer before primaries which is a requirement written in black and white within the NUP Constitution? We are told the applications process for those interested in carrying the NUP flag remains open up to Friday 21st August and how then can Senyonyi abusively use his office as publicity secretary to declare himself before the NUP Electoral Commission verifies if there are no more contenders interested in the seat? Actually in this case, there is Kakande who isn’t only a NUP member but also picked forms expressing interest,” says one of the mobilizers deeply involved in PP politics. “If you are deciding business for Nakawa West, why do you dialogue with Balimwezo who you know very well belongs to Nakawa East? Isn’t that contempt for other comrades that might be interested in the same seat and are resident in Nakawa West?”

Kenneth Kakande was among the first conventional politicians who embraced Bobi Wine during the Kyaddondo East by-elections campaigns of August 2017

Another female mobilizer argued that people like Senyonyi being permitted to bulldoze and blow up others simply because they are Kyagulanyi close cronies risks making the NUP/PP movement seem more like Gen Museveni’s cronyism-infested ruling NRM which they are being called upon to oust. “The truth is there are many malcontents in Kamwokya who are supposed to be defecting and joining Ashburg Kato and Full Figure in the NRM but have been lacking perfect excuses to justify their treachery and such things are going to give them fodder to run away with,” asserts another mobilizer adding that they aren’t seeing transparency and the equality of members they anticipated in PP/NUP. “They know very well Kakande is a member and keenly interested in the Nakawa West MP Seat; why then do you totally exclude him from the talks making it strictly the business of Balimwezo and Senyonyi without involving the rest of the party membership in the constituency?”

As he told Mulengera News last week, Senyonyi believes Kakande is a DP member and has nothing to do with NUP which is another political party in its own right here to legitimately compete for power with DP and others. He references on what the infallible Kyagulanyi proclaimed last week at Kamwokya when he said people had to be clear as ambivalence, of attempting to belong to two parties, wouldn’t be tolerated at Kamwokya. Senyonyi says such clarity by the man from Magere was sufficient and automatically disqualifies “fence-sitters” who might have planned to benefit from the Kyagulanyi wave without first denouncing their membership to DP.

Kakande was also thickly involved in the PP mobilization that delivered Asuman Basalirwa in Bugiri

But while referencing on the Samuel Lubega Mukaku story we chronicled last week (, the malcontents inside Kamwokya (fearing the same injustice being replicated elsewhere) are arguing that if you must sideline a respectable veteran like Kakande you have to exhibit more humility (as opposed to merely dismissing him as non NUP) because he means a lot to the Kyagulanyi struggle just like Rubaga South’s Mukaku. The malcontents are arguing that, besides being one of the longest opposition voices in the anti-Museveni struggle, Kakande (who too has his followers in Nakawa West being a resident of Kyanja parish) was among the first DPs who risked the Mao wrath by shunning the DP flag bearer Kamome in favor of Kyagulanyi. Kakande, who has aspired for MP role since 2001, was a NEC member in DP but still risked the Norbert Mao wrath by openly campaigning for Kyagulanyi.

Actually UYD/DP veterans say Kakande was among those who assessed and encouraged Kyagulanyi to prepare to stand to replace Apollo Kantinti long before even Court of Appeal had the last word on the Sitenda Sebalu petition. “He [Kyagulanyi] came to seek our views and support as UYD at our Johnson Street offices and Kakande was one of the guys in that meeting who encouraged him and suggested the party considers forcing Kamome out,” says a PP/DP veteran adding that this is something Kyagulanyi personally remembers very well. “It’s angering many people in PP/NUP to hear Senyonyi’s supporters justifying the Kakande mistreatment by claiming he has no history in PP/NUP. That guy has been there with Bobi from day one and was even part of the Bugiri effort which amplified PP like never before because it indicated it was a political movement beyond Buganda.”


Reached for a comment via telephone, the much-excluded Kakande told Mulengera News he is a disciplined politician focused on the bigger picture of the struggle and there is no way he can antagonize Senyonyi and his other senior leaders in PP/NUP. “In PP/NUP we are a disciplined movement implying we don’t resolve matters in the press but through organs of our organization.  We have an entire Electoral Commission charged with handling election-related complaints and it’s where anyone who gets aggrieved should address their grievances and not the press. Thanks and good bye,” is all he said before switching off his phone insisting he was busy in some meeting.

Some more restrained DP/PP adherents knowledgeable about the Kakande saga says: “KK is a big picture politician who perceives this whole thing as one phase of a much broader struggle and he isn’t the type to go fighting media wars because he is disciplined and very respectful of the PP/NUP hierarchy. He might be feeling betrayed but being among the vanguards of the struggle, he will marshal through this because he has endured even more painful low moments.”


But it’s also true that Kakande (whose contribution Senyonyi is out to down play as an outsider belonging to DP) is officially a coordinator of PP for Kampala Metropolitan Area comprising of Kampala, Wakiso and Mukono. He was dully appointed by Kyagulanyi and he sits on the KMP coordination committee whose other members include Amdan Semugooma, Omulangira Ssimbwa of Nakifuma, Patricko Mujjuka, Betty Ethel Naluyima and Medard Segona who is their overall chairman.  This being the very formative stages of PP/NUP, there is a huge obligation resting on the shoulders of Kyagulanyi to ensure democracy isn’t only actually practiced inside his nascent political organization but the same is also seen to be practiced.

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