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By Mulengera Reporters

Joel Senyonyi this Saturday told supporters who had gathered to memorize and pray for PP/NUP comrades who were killed during the Wednesday/Thursday ‘free Kyagulanyi’ protests that their candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu will carry on with his campaign programs without changing anything in his style. Senyonyi implied that the mass rallies they have been having elsewhere must be expected in Kyenjojo, Fort Portal and other Tooro sub region districts where the NUP Principal will be campaigning this coming week. He said as far as they are concerned, there is nothing unlawful about the way their candidate has been going about his vote-canvassing.

However, the EC says any attempt at holding mass rallies which remain prohibited to mitigate against COVID19 will attract justifiable sanctions by the police as has been the case elsewhere. EC Publicist Paul Bukenya says that NUP leaders and their supporters will have no one but themselves to blame if they find themselves sanctioned, including being teargased or even jailed, by police. Bukenya also warns that the districts like Masaka, Mpigi and others which Kyagulanyi missed because of detention can only be reconsidered for visitation by the NUP big man with approval of the EC. Whereas Senyonyi said that at their own convenience as NUP, Kyagulanyi will visit and campaign in these districts (and others that missed out like Rukungiri, Ntungamo, Kiruhura etc); his EC equivalent Paul Bukenya told Mulengera News “that is okay and allowed but the EC must be adequately involved to ensure there is no other candidate originally scheduled to be in that same district on that day.”

Bukenya said involving the EC is very helpful to the candidate than them because “we have to notify security and venue owners in those districts so that you don’t find difficulties having your political meeting.” Bukenya maintained that security will remain justified dispersing any subsequent mass rallies Kyagulanyi might be planning to have in his upcoming campaign programs because the same remains banned for reasons which are well known to everyone. He explains that there would ordinarily be no problem with any candidate going to districts they missed as long the EC is involved to ensure no clashes result from say Kyagulanyi’s teams coming face to face with those of a rival candidate resulting into violent confrontation. That Kyagulanyi’s defiance to go to Masaka and other districts he missed without liaising with the EC to have the same cleared in consultation with other candidates’ gazzetted programs will only result into unnecessary confrontation with police and other security agencies.

The other seriously very costly reality about having to make up time to go to the districts he missed is that a clearly time-constrained Kyagulanyi will have to forego campaigning in some other districts because time is simply not enough. But it would also be of great strategic importance to omit some clearly hostile districts and instead spare that time to consolidate support in districts which are clear NUP strongholds. It or instance makes plenty of sense going to Masaka and consolidate the NUP support there while emboldening your supporters and flag bearers there than wasting the same increasingly very scarce time going to say Kiruhura where you don’t have candidates at all or you have them just for formality when you clearly know they don’t stand much chance winning votes and getting declared winners there. Joel Senyonyi says they know what they are doing and that their presidential candidate, who luckily enough is youthful and energetic, will ensure he visits and campaigns in all districts of Uganda because the NUP he leads aspires to be a national party both in word and deed. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at




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