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By Mulengera Reporters

During his latest NBS TV’ Morning Breeze appearance, Mike Mabikke was very deliberate in the allegations he levelled against PP/NUP SG David Lewis Rubongoya. He accused him of using his office to break the pillars of the PP struggle with the sole aim of isolating Robert Kyagulanyi to eventually kill off the PP momentum. Mabikke claimed that Rubongoya was the invisible hand behind the annihilation of PP/NUP pillars who have a background in DP Block and UYD. He specifically accused him of acting very fraudulently by using his supervisory role over the Mercy Walukamba-led EMC to alter results and veto the EC decisions in order to obliterate would-be strong candidates for MP positions.

Mabikke claimed that whereas the original idea was to vet those appearing before the Walukamba panel out of 100%, Rubongoya inappropriately used his position as SG to demand that the question and answer session accounts for 50% and another 50% comes from the outcomes of the secret investigations the Elections Management Committee (EMC) agents conduct in the constituency to test the aspirants’ popularity.  

 He claimed that there was no transparency in the way the field surveys were being conducted adding that this was the grey area Rubongoya was maliciously using to unilaterally alter people’s marks and scores as to their suitability to carry the NUP flag. Mabikke claims to have scored 48 out of 50 from the panel face to face questions and that haters like Rubongoya used the sham field survey exercise (which he says is never undertaken) to alter his results to produce a final outcome that presented Derrick Nyeko as the most suitable NUP candidate for Makindye East.



Kyagulanyi was watching the NBS debate on TV and was nervous seeing the ruthlessness with which Mabikke blew up Rubongoya (branding him the author of all problems in NUP) while demonizing the entire candidates’ selection process under the Mercy Walukamba-led EMC. Immediately the show ended, Kyagulanyi rang Mabikke as he moved out of the NBS premises. “Kiki leero Muganda wange ate struggle otandise okugikuba ekiggwo [I haven’t understood you today my brother; why would do you resort to destroying our struggle like that]?” Kyagulanyi asked prompting Mabikke to instantly respond “No it’s not me. It’s your people like Rubongoya destroying our struggle by sidelining those who are strong pillars of the struggle I favor of weaklings. In fact that man is a project planted to kill our thing.”

Mabikke, who had stopped his car to respectfully speak to Kyagulanyi who he still respectfully calls my president, proceeded to go and print his petition protesting the final EMC decision favoring Nyeko. He drove straight to Kamwokya to deliver his petition and when he reached there, he demanded to know where Rubongoya was. People at the NUP offices directed him the private room where Rubongoya was. In his true belligerent character, Mabikke stormed the room and forcefully found his way in without waiting to be authorized by Rubongoya.



He began banging the table vigorously while moving to physically attack the hapless Rubongoya. “At the NBS debate I put it to you that you are the one doctoring our results to impose your own candidates to kill the struggle by sidelining us the strong pillars because you are working for someone to preserve the status quo in the country. I have now caught you red handed altering people’s scores,” Mabikke shouted as he insisted being permitted to have a closer look at the things Rubongoya was tallying. Rubongoya didn’t let him and instead placed a call to Kyagulanyi saying “Mr. President I’m under attack by Hon Mike Mabikke here.”

Kyagulanyi rang Mabikke pleading with him not to go physical on the NUP Secretary General. He begged him to hand in his petition and leave the rest to him as he will be sitting with other members of NUP Elections Board to have the last word on the matter. Mabikke reluctantly withdrew and it has remained his conviction that Rubongoya is the biggest problem now for NUP than even Gen Museveni and his NRM. Ironically, the NUP Board comprises of Kyagulanyi, Joel Senyonyi, Fred Nyanzi, Nubian Lee (of all people!) and Rubongoya whose conduct the likes of Mabikke are contesting. It’s not clear how the same was constituted. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at






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