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By Mulengera Reporters

 Mulengera News has impeccably established that moments after the chaotic NRM primaries last Friday, Minister Sam Kutesa (also Mawogola County North MP) rung President Museveni. He was emotionally broken, shaken and literally in tears. “Why do they want to kill me? Why should mere political contest escalate to something like this becoming a matter of life and death?” Kutesa cried out as he choked on anger.


He went on to explain to Gen Museveni about the violence at his house which had happened hours earlier; much of it in reference to the belligerent political contest between his daughter Shartsi Musherure and Museveni’s young brother Godfrey Sodo Aine Kaguta. Basically this is what had happened: close to a 100 supporters of Aine drove in a convoy of several vehicles and stormed SK’s country hilly home located in Mukisekera village. They came violently hooting and trumpeting while chanting anti-Kutesa slogans. One of the vehicles in the convoy violently knocked part of Kutesa’s gate and forced it open before some of the supporters in the procession strayed into his compound.

The men guarding the home became nervous and cocked their guns in an attempt to disperse the rampaging Sodo supporters one of whom responded by vigorously shooting at Kutesa’s roof. Family sources have since told Mulengera News that the powerful foreign affairs Minister, who had been watching from the window as all this melee unfolded, became panicky and used the emergency exit and fled his own home construing the entire thing as an attempt to assassinate him or his daughter Musherure who stays in the same home.

On escaping the chaos, Kutesa (who sources say remains nervous about residing in his own home) rang State House aides demanding to urgently be connected to Gen Museveni. He narrated to him everything wondering why the CiC was remaining silent as supporters of his brother unleash all this despicable mayhem in his Sembabule backyard.

Gen Museveni assured him he was aware of all the chaos in Sembabule but had a whole country to think about because Sembabule-like fracas were actually a countrywide problem. Gratefully, the two leaders agreed that Gen Museveni would subsequently find time and get involved in trying to deescalate political antagonism in Sembabule that resulted into polling for Mawogola North MP flag bearer being halted by the Dr. Odoi Tanga-led EC after the violence between Sodo and Musherure camps became too much. Indeed as you read this, today Thursday afternoon Gen Museveni is being expected to chair a Sembabule-wide de-escalation meeting at Kawanda Primary School grounds which is located some 2kms away from the Sembabule district headquarters.

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