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By Mulengera Reporters 

Based in Kampala Industrial Area, Mirage Trading Company is a leading hardware firm in Kampala mostly specializing on importation, distribution, sell and transportation of high class tiles with roughly 500 institutional clients who buy from them. The company has existed for close to 20 years and owns over 35 prime properties in Kampala-both in the City Center (CBD) and the upscale suburbs.

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The company’s net worth is valued to be way beyond Shs50bn both in stock and properties that have been acquired by the company and registered in its name over the years. Every month, the company imports over 200 containers full of tiles for resale to property developers in upscale neighborhoods of Kampala

Renowned for massive advertisements on radios and TVs, the company is a family business founded and exclusively resourced by the reclusive Hajji Abdunoor Sentamu and his wife Aisha Nabisere Mukamusinzi Sentamu. The duo built the hardware empire from scratch.

However, things are rapidly falling apart after Hajji Sentamu turning against his self-confessed illiterate wife in favor of better and classier babes with whom he has already sired and produced children. He keeps saying ‘that illiterate can’t take me anywhere.” Nabisere, his estranged wife with whom they have five kids (aged between 27 & 20 years), says Hajji Sentamu changed and turned into a monster as money and power took hold of him. That he one day woke up and chased her from the the employment of the Company which she co-founded besides dedicatedly serving for decades as promoter, shareholder, director and investor.

Even when they had cohabited and lived together as bonk-mates for over 30 years, their Islamic marriage was only contracted on 23rd January 2011 at Kibuli Mosque. In a bid to ensure she doesn’t retire to poverty for the rest of her life, Nabisere has filed for divorce and dissolution of the company so that there is equal sharing of the 35 properties they jointly established under the company.

She says the swanky Kirinya matrimonial home and the rentals and apartments which Sentamu has left her with are too little and don’t equal her contribution. That she is entitled not just to the matrimonial property but also company property because the same was jointly established.

Through her lawyers of Praxlex Advocates based in Naguru opposite the Surgery hospital, Nabisere justifies her divorce petition (No. 198 of 2022) on the fact that Sentamu deserted the home more than 18 months ago and abandoned her after subjecting her to very agonizing sex starvation for years. That after subjecting her to very painful sex starvation, Ssentamu (who she describes as a very tormenting spouse and father) abandoned the home and started living in Bugolobi where she says he has been enjoying life as she agonizes. This is how she dramatizes the sex starvation she has endured: “The petitioner always served the marital bounty to the respondent who, without a just cause, refused to dine.”

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That at some point, family elders and Kibuli Sheikhs tried to mediate but things failed because Sentamu would never keep his word. That one time he offered to give her some company properties and even offered to re-instate her in the company both as a shareholder and director (employee/manager at salary of Shs1.5m per month and other allowances) but didn’t keep his word. Nabisere asserts that the process was partly frustrated because the elders involved turned out to be biased against her and in favor of Sentamu because he is a man of means, wealthy and always looks after them very generously.  That at some point, she even accepted mediation and withdrew her initial divorcee case No. 47 of 2021 only for Hajji Sentamu to once again act unreasonably.

She had also protested wrongful dismissal from the Directorship position at Mirage Trading Company Ltd after elders’ intervened pleading with her fearing the extent to which the resultant bad publicity would hurt the company. She had filed a case with the KCCA Labor Court which she withdrew after Sentamu owned up and offered to financially atone the detriment she had suffered. She says the father of her 5 children still didn’t keep his word and she will separately be suing him under Company Cause.

She explains that instead, Ssentamu (who she also accuses of taking advantage of her illiteracy to manipulatively make her sign up to the transfer of her own shares to one of his other children) took steps to keep her away from company premises in Industrial Area. That her office belongings were rounded up and put in boxes and given to a Safe Boda rider who delivered and abandoned outside her Kirinya residence.

That Ssentamu, who she accuses of wrongly turning himself into the alpha and omega for the company, proceeded to lock up and convert what used to be her office into additional storage space. That she can’t have any access anymore yet she expended all her adulthood energy, time and money building up Mirage Trading Company Ltd growing it from scratch to what it is today.

In demanding 50% of the Company’s worth, Nabisere is imploring the Family Division of the High Court to direct that two independent auditors (supervised by the Solicitor General) be assigned to study the entire company affairs and verifiably establish its current worth to enable the Court to arrive at an equitable decision when it comes to splitting the company’s possessions between her and Hajji Sentamu whose marriage with her she asserts has irretrievably broken down and must be dissolved-and now-so that they can each move their own way. She says there is no way she can continue being wife to a spouse who is cruel, sexually uninterested and abusive.

That he has been abusing her before company employees and their children while making it clear he is prepared to gratify judges to ensure that the whole thing ends in tears for her. She claims that the father of her children is no longer interested in her and all he wants is for her remain a pauper for the rest of her life. But Hajji Sentamu is denying everything asserting that his estranged wife is merely being used by his competitors to overstretch and keep him disorganized so as to accelerate the collapse of his tiles business. In his view, this is why his estranged Hajat is originating many suits against him personally and Mirage Trading as a company. (For comments on this story, get back to us on 0705579994 [whatsapp line], 0779411734 & 0200900416 or email us at



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