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 By Gilbert Mwesigye

Ddembe Shafick, the man DP mainstream faction gave the job of Organizing Secretary (OS) to replace Suleiman Kidandala Serwadda, too has turned rebellious. Ddembe says there are plenty of manipulations in the DP mainstream and he isn’t ready to be part of the bloody chaos he predicts will lead to the demise of DP. Shafick says the chief architect in all this is none other than the Ag Secretary General Gerald Siranda. He says even when Article 33 of DP Constitution makes him the head of election matters in DP, SG Siranda has silently organized a coup detat against him leaving him with no power whatsoever.

He says Siranda is busy organizing party elections clearly aimed at purging strong leaders of DP who happen to be current incumbents holding elected positions especially as MPs and Mayors or even councilors. He suspects they are being targeted for purging because of the loyalty and allegiance they have publicly exhibited for Bobi Wine Kyagulanyi Sentamu, the PP Supremo.

“They have an agenda to front weak candidates against all DP incumbent MPs and Mayors and I have failed to understand who they are working for in doing this,” Shafick Ddembe says in reference to majority party MPs who stand accused of being more loyal to Bobi Wine’s People Power pressure group which Mao recently likened to a good private school that has no UNEB center number.  Indeed many of the incumbent DP MPs have since picked PP Expression of Interest forms clearly showing the Kamwokya-based political group is more important than mother party DP.

Ddembe Shafick says he is being sidelined and undermined by Siranda because he has refused using the Organizing Secretary office as a walking stick to politically fix incumbent MPs who Siranda and PG Mao don’t like. He says he won’t fear anything because he is in that office because delegates elected him at Katomi and not because Mao, Mukasa Mbidde or even Siranda favored him. He says Siranda, who he describes as a very difficult SG to work under, has turned himself into the electoral commission of the party and in the process made his job as OS very complicated. The very principled young man from Isingiro, where he has previously contested for MP position, says he has been let down by Party CEO Norbert Mao “because I have written to him 6 times calling on him to restrain the Secretary General and hasn’t done anything.” Ddembe Shafick says Mao’s conspicuous silence implies he is acquiescing to what Siranda is doing “but I’m going to fight on because I can’t allow my party to be killed when I’m seeing.”

He says to acquiesce to Siranda’s illegalities will be to betray DP delegates who elected him Deputy OS at the 2015 delegates conference in Katomi. Those who know Ddembe Shafick background won’t be surprised because up to 2015 when he unexpectedly went to Katomi, he had always been an active member of the Samuel Walter Lubega Mukaku DP faction that rejected Mao from day one by boycotting the Mbale delegates’ conference of 2010 where delegates made him President General of DP. “It was always a matter of time because he would disagree and publicly contradict that group because the Ddembe Shafick I know is too principled and there is no way he was going to last for long with Siranda’s manipulations,” says a DP veteran who has seen Ddembe Shafick grow politically.

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