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By Mulengera Reporters

Suspended DP Organizing Secretary Sulaiman Kidandala has this Saturday morning faced off with his party president and mentor Norbert Mao during the CBS Radio’s Parliament Yaffe program. The two-hour (10-12pm) program also had Erias Lukwago and Imam Kasozi of Jeema party. The trio was in studio and Mao, who accused moderator Med Nsereko of inciting hate against him, spoke via telephone link from the comfort of his home.

Kidandala, who was unusually very combative, revealed how he had twice been the invisible hand behind two imperfectly-organized Delegates Conferences that delivered Mao as PG-Mbale in 2010 and Katomi in 2015. But he said he regrets he embraced Mao without adequately knowing him. That he didn’t know being a good public speaker alone didn’t make Mao a good party leader which requires extreme tolerance and team building skills. He said Mao prematurely became DP President at a time he didn’t adequately understand the party he was coming to lead. He agreed with Lukwago that the ineptness Mao has exhibited is the reason why its important DP separates the office of PG and Presidential candidate. That Mao’s oratory skills are good for a presidential candidate for the rally podium and not for leading a mass organization like DP. 

Kidandala demanded that Mao & Co should listen to him when he speaks regarding electoral processes in DP because now is his 3rd term getting involved in organizing delegates conferences. He accused Mao of suffering from inferiority complex whereby key positions like SG, National Treasurer and National Chairman have continued to be occupied by light weight inexperienced politicians who the PG is comfortable having around him because they are subservient. That he fears prolific politicians to be in NEC because they can overshadow him. “His inadequacies as a party leader are now visible to all because three high caliber leaders-SG Matia Nsubuga, National Chairman Mohammed Kezaala and Treasurer Issa Kikungwe-that used to shield him are long gone. We told him it’s important we fill these positions quickly but he saw us with suspicion only to realize later he was comfortable with Gerald Siranda, Mayambala and Babirye Kabanda because they can accept his dictatorial directives without question,” Kidandala said. “The result is that the quality of leadership in DP is down and this reflects in the quality of decisions they keep making. It’s something over which even the DP diaspora has been protesting in their phone calls to Hon Norbert Mao.”

He says the opportunity to adequately fill these vacant NEC positions came when the DP Bloc members-Mike Mabikke, Abed Bwanika and Sam Lubega- came on the understanding they would fill the positions of SG, National Chairman and Party Treasurer but Mao turned against them ‘by refusing to implement the power-sharing positions that had been agreed upon in writing.” That instead Mao became comfortable leading with mediocre leaders like Gerald Siranda who Kidandala contemptuously described as too amateurish to be SG in a big party like DP. He claimed to be the one who recruited Siranda who was bitter after being locked out of UPC primaries in his area. He said Siranda’s ineptness manifested months ago when both NEC and NC members threw out his road map calling it fake. That they instead accepted and endorsed the one of Kidandala, a thing that angered Mao. Imam Kasozi said the circumstances under which Siranda was recruited and fast tracked to become even Deputy SG is proof of the low standards in DP for which Kidandala, who recruited him, must take blame. Lukwago also hammered Kidandala saying he was suffering consequences of hypocrisy which saw him join others to hire goons to torment him at funerals of party members simply because he insisted on the Party constitution being followed.

Lukwago said there was nothing new in the way Kidandala had been herded out by the Mao group because Damiano Lubega, Deo Njuki and Charles Musoke Serunjogi, who preceded him in the OS office, were purged in exactly the same way. He admitted Kidandala was justifiably aggrieved but faulted him for deliberately taking too long to realize Mao’s rudimentary politics and resent the same. “They have ousted you and installed your deputy Ddembe Shafick in exactly the same way they did to Serunjogi who you deputized and installed you as the Organizing Secretary and in effect the Chairman of the Electoral Commission of the Party,” said Lukwago who demanded public confessions from Kidandala & Co that he, Nambooze and others were heroes who correctly perceived and resented Mao’s dictatorship on good time. Kidandala admitted Mao was a dictator only comfortable with leaders who play sycophants as opposed to debating with him on party matters. He claimed he is paying the price for contradicting Mao’s personal views regarding disrespect of the Party Constitution and maltreatment of DP Bloc Principals. That he is being purged because he supports Bobi Wine, and not Mao, to run for President in 2021. He wondered why Mao who mobilized them to endorse JPAM in 2016 is all of a sudde reluctant when it’s a Kyagulanyi. 

Insisting he is still the OS, Kidandala who joined DP working as Party Administrator immediately after leaving Makerere, announced there is a National Council meeting he was organizing in Kampala on March 13th during which Mao will be condemned and exposed more. Saying he was wasting time and flogging a dead horse, Lukwago advised Kidandala not to waste his time but decamp from Mao and join him and others to demand total overhaul of the current administration in DP.

On his part, Mao said he was aggrieved Med Nsereko and other CBS bosses had allowed the Kidandala group to use Kabaka’s radio to incite hatred against him and those that support him in DP. He wondered why Nsereko invites the likes of Lukwago to discuss DP affairs when himself as party leader is there. “I’m going to petition the Katikkiro formally registering my displeasure,” he said prompting Nsereko to offer hosting him next weekend. The DP boss said he wouldn’t accept being stampeded into endorsing PP’s Bobi Wine without first entering some form of formal understanding. He said the current crisis in DP is because members like Kidandala have descended into being meal card politicians who think DP must end in 2021 as long as they get salaried positions. He added it’s a contradiction for his DP to be accused of being anti-Kyagulanyi when it’s the party spearheading the opposition coalition talks. Kidandala interjected wondering how Mao “can unite the entire opposition when he is the same person deliberately disuniting DP.”

Mao also said he feels betrayed that the Uganda Police personnel merely looked on as the pro-Kidandala thugs sneaked into the new DP Headquarters and started physically assaulting party leaders during yesterday’s NEC meeting. He maintained that the guys who wounded his VP Mukasa Mbidde weren’t even DP members yet police allowed them access to the meeting. Mao says they also broke party windows and stole party laptops on top of stealing his own shoes forcing him to return home barefooted. “We aren’t going to accept that as leaders of the party,” Mao said. He remained hopeful it’s not too late the warring factions can still be reunited. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994 or email us at



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