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By Isaac Wandubile 

When he joined mourners at Namataba at the vigil of his area campaign manager, outgoing State Minister for Water resources Ronald Kibule was in a furious mood and directed plenty of verbal artillery at Gen Proscovia Nalweyiso, who is an influential aide to President YK Museveni based in State House.

This was last Thursday and Kibule prominently participated in the night vigil because the man (a one Douglas) whose mother was being mourned had always been a key pillar in his political campaigns which had, since 2010/11, always resulted into electoral victory for him at the expense of candidates from the opposition Democratic Party (DP).

At the vigil, a nearly tearful Kibule didn’t mince words as he told the attentive fellow mourners that his political downfall and defeat as Mukono North MP during the Thursday 14th January 2021 elections didn’t result from his NUP opponent and eventual winner Abdullah Kiwanuka (aka Mulima mayuni) being a very formidable challenger but because of betrayal by haters from inside the same NRM government in whose perpetuation he has invested all his youthful years since leaving University.

He specifically accused Gen Nalweyiso (ironically his neighbor in the Mukono Municipality neighborhood of Ntawo) saying she is the one who authored/engineered her political defeat paving way for the ascendance to the area MP office by Abdullah Kiwanuka, a lawyer bred and mentored by Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago. It was the 2nd time Kiwanuka, who this time ran on the NUP ticket, was facing off with Kibule the first attempt being in 2016 when he was badly trounced.

He claimed that Kibule had leveraged on his relationship with then IGP Kale Kayihura to rob him of his victory. Kayihura, it was understood, was specifically resentful of Kiwanuka because he is the People’s Government lawyer who Col Kizza Besigye and Lukwago instigated to spearhead his attempted criminal prosecution (in 2016) in the Makindye Magistrates Court whose head Mafabi eventually died under very mysterious circumstances.

Kiwanuka was among the lawyers that a pro-Kayihura mob, led by Abdullah Kitata then a very powerful functionary of the ruling party, fatally assaulted along with Magistrate Mafabi. So, riding on the Kyagulanyi wave coupled with the fact that Mukono North has increasingly been urbanizing, Kiwanuka this time round (2021) floored Kibule very easily, something the controversial youthful Minister believes wouldn’t sufficient to overwhelm him out of office of Mukono North MP [which Gen Museveni and JPAM created in 2010 to provide platform for him while checking on the influence of Betty Nambooze who had just become Mukono North MP before the Municipality was created] if the likes of Nalweyiso hadn’t ganged up on him.

During the vigil, Kibule asserted that if Nalweyiso hadn’t used her clout as a big State House official to intervene and alter the security deployments the way the area security leadership had structured things, there is “no way Kiwanuka and his mob would have managed to steal my votes.” Kibule urged and implored his supporters at the vigil to always know that he lost his MP Seat not because he had become weak or voters spontaneously rejected him but simply because of the mischief by the likes of Gen Nalweyiso. While facing up in the skies, Kibule raised his hands in the air and prayed to God to “appropriately revenge and punish Nalweyiso someday.”

But we also know that despite being neighbors and both professing Gen Museveni as the best thing that has ever happened to our beautiful country, the two [Kibule and Nalweyiso] have never been friends. Nalweyiso always disliked Kibule branding pompous and a proxy through whom her nemesis Gen Kale Kayihura, then a very powerful IGP, always countered her influence in Kyaggwe/Greater Mukono. But at the same Namataba vigil, some of the Kibule campaigners claimed that their Principal’s defeat was partly attributable to Works & Transport Minister Gen Katumba Wamala who they asserted didn’t do enough to use his influence to secure the youthful Minister’s reelection.

It clearly isn’t going to be easy for Kibule (now in his mid-30s) to adjust to the new non-VIP life or status because since leaving University at UCU in the late 2000s, he had never done any other job apart from political work both as Minister and MP (has never lived ordinary life in all his adult life). Before finally scooping the Mukono North MP position in 2011, Kibule had served as PA to the mighty in the ruling NRM including the President, JPAM and Moses Kigongo. Gratefully, he has amassed enough wealth in those years of active political service to the extent that even if he doesn’t work again, it’s very unlikely that his descendants [children’s children] will ever know poverty. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at




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