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By Mulengera Reporters  

State Minister Parsis Namuganza says she narrowly survived being assassinated Wednesday evening as she returned home. In her statement at Kira Road Police, whose detectives are already reviewing CCTV camera’s footage, Namuganza narrated to detectives that a few minutes after 7pm, she came face to face with an assailant who travelled on a motor cycle and trailed her as she left Parliament to return to her residence in the upscale neighborhood of Ntinda.

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Speaking to reporters this Thursday afternoon, the controversial Minister narrated that a man riding on a motorcycle took advantage of the jam created by the streetlights near the Kabira junction and came near her car window. She was in her official Ministry car and in company of her elite bodyguards. The man carried a blunt metallic object which he banged on her car window before her bodyguards confronted him. “They considered shooting to disable him but that was avoided because he fled and mixed himself into other motorists making it hard to shoot at him without the possibility of injuring or hurting other travelers,” Namuganza explained.

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That as some of her bodyguards concentrated on shielding her against any harm, one of them communicated to nearby Kira Road Police Station which sent re-enforcements but by the time they arrived, the would-be assailant had already fled the scene. She explained that the man was alone on the motorcycle and gratefully, everything was well captured on the CCTV cameras which are abundantly available at that Bukoto-Kabira junction where an attempt was made on her life.

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“Police investigations are ongoing and the CCTV footage continues to be reviewed to inform the subsequent inquiry lines. I have reported to all people concerned including my boss the President,” Namuganza explained during the media interview. It’s now anticipated that the personal security of Namuganza, who has lately been involved in bust-ups with some of the politically very mighty people in Kampala, is naturally going to be boosted.

The alleged attempt on the youthful Minister’s life comes days after the Speaker of Parliament Anita Among used the plenary session of Parliament to publicly narrate how her motorcade continues to be trailed by potential assailants. It’s a matter Police Publicist Fred Enanga says is already being investigated by a specially-constituted team of detectives. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994 [whatsapp line], 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us



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