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By Mulengera Reporters

There are concerns that another structure in Rubaga Division could cave in and claim lives anytime soon after area Town Clerk, a one Sentongo and his area Physical Planner Faridah, omitting to act on any of the whistle blower information that keeps coming to them from concerned members of the public regarding the inappropriate conduct of the engineers behind the construction site.

That there is a lot of non-compliance in relation to the way the tycoon is carrying on the construction making the whole situation seem reminiscent of Haruna Sentongo’s building in Kisenyi which collapsed over the weekend in Kisenyi claiming 6 lives.

Indeed, it’s a matter even members of the KCCA City Hall-based Physical Infrastructure Committee members are concerned about having got petitioned too by concerned residents. The building in question is now on 3rd floor and it belongs to a shadowy tycoon who the Rubaga Division Town Clerk Sentongo and Physical Planner Faridah aren’t comfortable sanctioning. Apparently, they fear to lose their jobs because the developer is highly connected in top echelons of authority in this country.

Recently when a group of officials from City Hall went on the ground demanding that construction works stop and the building comes down so that the tycoon secures proper authorization, the owner dangled Shs70m at them. He pleaded that they live him alone because taking down the building, much as that would be the right thing, would deprive him of the billions he has sunk into the project thus far.

The KCCA officials rejected the money though some members of the entourage were of the view that “we pick the money to go and solve our problems as we leave the rest to God.” The tycoon, leveraging on the fact that the Rubaga TC and Planner are quiet, has since carried on with his construction works and in the process risking the lives of the site workers and other members of the public such as the poor women who frequent the place to serve tea, lunch and other supplies.

Yet the inquisitive KCCA bosses aren’t the only menacing thing the tycoon has had to contend with because even Buganda Kingdom is up in arms insisting that the land, equaling 3 acres, is theirs. The tycoon is constructing on a small piece equaling 10 decimals but his structure remains a dreaded thing for many people in the area who believe it will collapse anytime and cost life like was recently the case with what happened to another equally neglected and improperly supervised structure in Kitebi in the same Rubaga Division where TC Sentongo and Planner Faridah are supposed to protect the public interest. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at




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