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By Mulengera Reporters

This Tuesday morning, scores of youths stormed the streets of the Bukoloto neighborhood in Kayunga Town Council and staged a peaceful demonstration in which they called upon Afande Edith Nakalema to come to their rescue by helping them overcome their woman MP Aidah Nantaba whom they cursed for condemning them to economic misery. Nantaba’s woes relate to the Shs6bn investment President Museveni put into the establishment of the soap and cooking oil-manufacturing factory that was put in place i early 2000s to create jobs and money-making opportunities for the youths in Kayunga town. The investment was unveiled as a Presidential intervention to soar up the NRM ratings in 2014 at a time Bukoloto-hailing poor youths Supreme Leader Adam Luzindana was galvanizing youths across Uganda to endorse Amama Mbabazi as next president under the auspices of NRM Poor Youths Movement.

Nantaba, who was key in the then anti-Mbabazi mobilization, was central in securing the Museveni decision to invest so much in the Kayunga youths. Museveni made his offer more comprehensive by donating two brand new tractors and a lorry to enable the young people transport their produce to the factory for sale and processing. But today, 6 years later, those same young people are bitter that Nantaba merely used and dumped them after the 2016 campaign season. Today as they rioted on the streets of Kayunga, the young people demanded to know why Nantaba has kept their factory closed for now three years. They claimed this was deliberately meant to keep them in financial vulnerability so that they remain available to pin their woman MP’s campaign posters whenever a new election cycle comes up.

Kayunga youths denounce their MP Aidah Nantaba (inset L) earlier Tuesday while calling on Afande Edith Nakalema (inset R) to come and rescue them.

Toofa Kasule, a youth mobiliser, who led today’s demonstration claims they have reports that the machinery Museveni bought for them has since been sold off and inside is an empty shell. Claiming that even the lorry truck can’t be accounted for anymore just like the two tractors, Kasule demanded that State House Anti-Corruption Unit head Lt Col Edith Nakalema intervenes, investigates and causes the prosecution of MP Aidah Nantaba until she accounts for the custody of all these things. Kasule claimed that by keeping the factory closed and requiring the youth to pay Shs100,000 each time they wish to use the tractors, Nantaba had distinguished herself as a saboteur working against the political interests of both Museveni and NRM.

Nantaba previously defended herself saying the factory had to be closed due to lack of raw materials to keep it in production. She was previously quoted as saying; “The factory hit a snag because initially the plan was to buy the raw materials from other areas such as Soroti, Pallisa, Kaberamaido and
some parts of Busoga sub-region, where the needed raw materials are cultivated but it was not cost-effective to do so because of the high transport costs involved.” The project had been anticipated to create at least 100 jobs directly and more than 700 jobs indirectly.

The younger people are now claiming that Nantaba hijacked not just the factory but also the tractor and the two vehicles that were donated to them by the President to create jobs and fight poverty. They claim that Nantaba, who is seeking 3rd term as Kayunga District Woman MP, was entrusted with the property but she seized them and that within a short time, the factory closed due to sabotage by their MP.

Mulengera News understands that President Museveni was recently briefed about the full story and is just being cautious about cracking the whip on Nantaba (dropped from cabinet barely three months ago) at this point in time about this same issue. (For comments, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994 or email us at 

The Kayunga youths protesting earlier today in the Bukoloto suburb of Kayunga Town Council



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